Work in Saudi Arabia

Is it safe for me to work in Saudi Arabia? I'm a Filipino and I hear many rumor that its not safe for me because I'm also white. I will work as waiter in dammam Saudi Arabia please answer my question so I can relax.its my first time to work abroad, thank you


Filipinos constitute a major part of the the expat workforce here in all lines of business. There is nothing against them here. If it is your first time working abroad it is natural to be a little nervous. But I assure you that you will be safe.



Lots of Philippinas are working in Dammam and they are perfectly safe and happy- I was amused to read "I am also white" , may be you mean you are a fair complexioned , or fairer than an average Philipina, yes if you are very attractive and good looking, you may invite undesirable and unwanted  attention and harassment like most cities of the world. The solution to this would be that you dress up and cover your self up modestly.

You do not need to worry, once you are here you will learn a few tricks very quickly.

thank you for your reply, :)

can you give me tips for first timer?

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