Hey guys

Hello guys, I dunno where to start but let's say I'm Hisham from Egypt, and I'll be moving to Florence in september to study interior design at florence design academy. It's my first time to Italy and I know nobody in Florence! I have no friends there and I'm kinda scared of the experience lol,so I'd love to get to know some people and make some friends :)

Hi Hisham! My name is Hilly & I'm moving to Florence in September too. I'm from the United States and going to be studying at the Istituto Americano. I will not know anyone in Florence before I get there either. Are you excited to be moving to Italy?

Yeah I am very excited but a bit nervous though. Leaving family and friends all behind for quite some time is gonna be emotional, but I hope for a new start. What about you? How do u feel about it? :D