workout clothes abroad?

I have been living in the usa for a while now and would like to know what workout clothes people wear in england. i have looked at lululemon and [moderated: broken link]. What do you suggest?

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Sweaty Betty in the UK is similar to Lululemon (not sure what your broken link in your post was).

If you're coming from the US, you can rest assured people here are wearing more or less the same type of workout clothes. Same brands as well: Adidas, Reebok, Puma...

In terms of styles for women, there is an LA Fitness (not my fave gym by any means) behind my flat so I see women going by in fitted workout leggings (typically cropped), little zip jackets or hoodies and tanks/vests/tees. Again, same look and silhouette as in the US.

A lot of people also carry the Fitness First gym backpack/rucksack they get with as part of their memberships. Eh.

Hope that helps!

I am also a workout freak and I recently bought the Carbon38 Workout Leggings and funky tank tops in very unique designs and loved all the stuff a lot. I think anyone who appreciates designer workout apparels must checkout their stuff. I think they ship to abroad as well.

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