let us find the real meaning of love

Is there actually a real meaning of love as it means different things to different people.
I do not think it can be defined as meaning 'this'or 'that'

stumpy :

Is there actually a real meaning of love as it means different things to different people.
I do not think it can be defined as meaning 'this'or 'that'

I agree with you brother................

If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it's yours. If it does not come back, it was never meant to be

LOVE - we spend too much time talking about it and too little time truly doing it

without love there are no any meaning of life ,, n true love will never dies

Real love does not exist anymore!!!

love is ............sharing  your  bag  of chips with her...(or  him)

I wish it was that simple:)

There is nothing simple about love. The interpretation of love differs from person to person. It can be complicated but never simple. 
As I said before in a previous post, love means different things to different people so it can never be qualified as this or that.

It's interesting that you mentioned "Love means different things to different people". For some, being aggressive twards their partner is a way of expressing their love.

For Many The real meaning of love is to give back something nice & pleasant to this world and can try to bring change in others life in a positive way by putting a smile at some one else face :heart:

Love is family and friends and doing whatever makes me happy. The rest is a scam.

Love is uuconditional:)

Oscar Wilde about love ," Those who are faithful know only the trivial side of love: it is the faithless who know love's tragedies"

Unlimited forgiveness, acceptance and bestowal


sometimes love become a myth , some kind of chemical reaction,or may i say it is decision, yu make your mind that you love someone and let that feeling control or possess you , every time you follow your heart decision with the wrong person will cause damage to the relationship ,the only real love yu desire you will find with someone want you as much you want him.

Love is pain, that's what is it. only love people have now days is love for money

once people love money and life, know they will sell your love for cheap and hurt you.

I fully am agree with u.. life is like an ecological pyramid the survival of the fittest( Darwinian evolutionary theory).

So my friend, don't worry about it. U just worry about not to hurt people for such things and learn from life's lessons.

that is true buddy !

Respect Fulfill Fidelity Appreciation All this under the item Love ... Love is not one thing love all the beautiful qualities

Love  is the thing that, whatever it is, let u make impossible things without you can even realize what you are doing!

Love ıs unfaır,a bit of egosity, grace and purity, truthfulness...send love who thınk like me  :cheers:

Love hurts! So before you jump, make sure you are armed with pain killers.

No one of us able to answer this question through words .

Everything in this world experiences force. Either attraction or repulsion. Planets orbiting sun experience gravity. Electrons orbiting atom's nuclues experience electric force. Love/Hate are the attraction/repulsion force of life forms (existing in the soul by tradition or hypothetical deductions). As what makes us human (and alive!) is actually abstract (can call it software). Love is actually a behavior based on an analysis of the behavioral qualities of another life form. If the analysis results in a conclusion that the discovered traits are ones that make the analyzer happy and content, love is formed. Causing the analyzer to draw near to that living thing to satisfy their needs for happiness from their qualities. If the opposite is true then hate is formed. Causing the analyzer to walk away from the distressing qualities of that living being to satisfy their need for reducing saddness. This is an explanation. The feeling itself can only be experienced but can be divided according to attraction or repulsion. Love (attraction) is pleasurable, hate (repulsion) is not and can be painful.

Love is love ...everyone have another way to explain love

for me love is for my mother and my Kids

According to me ,love can be found in anything ...according  to some one's passion

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