Internship at Goodgame Studio

Hello all,

I have recently been offered a payed internship in Hamburg at Goodgame Studios. The salary is about 450 euros I do not know if brutto or net. I am not from Germany so I would have to move. I would like to know if other people have had this opportunity and I will also be very grateful for any kind of advice you could give me about living and working in Hamburg.

Thanks  :)

Pay for internships is between zero and 800/month, depending on the circumstances, industry, location, company, etc. In any case it is meant a small appreciation and will NOT cover your living expenses. Be prepared to bring some savings for your daily expenses and rent!

From what I know, 450 euro is netto and it's the maximum allowed by the law in Germany. So, as beppi said, you should have another source of income to cover for everything.
For rent, you can go cheaper by going in a WG (shared apartment, each with his own room), or a place of your own, which is more expensive. Look on or for rent, you'll get an idea. I suggest you go in a WG where you will live with someone else, you share the costs, you might already have internet connection and you maybe get to experience the german culture.
But as far as the experience goes, I'm sure you'll learn a lot in an international place. Both the practical experience and the interactions with the people might help you in the future and could look good on your CV.
Ask them if they can help with finding a place to stay and if anything else, besides the salary , is provided.

Hi, It seems to me this is a minijob... 450 net in your hand no taxes.. From that you would have to live... It will be hard. Specially if you have to pay rent which is high and difficult to find.. food... not too much problem there, specially if you don't eat much ;-) and a public transportation monthly card which is between 40 to 80 depending where you live in Hamburg and if you can come to work after 9 AM for example and leave after 6 PM...

Hope this is helpful.


I am also curious too. How did you get the internship because I am very interested on it. I am a fresh graduate and currently looking for jobs in Germany specially in Hamburg.

For those interested in this company.. here is their webpage...