English Speaking Jobs in Hamburg

I am considering moving to Hamburg with my boyfriend and I am seeking for English speaking jobs. Do you know any sites I could advice? Since my German is poor at the moment, would you consider finding an English speaking job achievable or the language constraint is really difficult to overcome?
Thank you for your time!!

Hi Chara,

I've been living in Germany for nearly 10 years and I would say that lack of German is not really a problem in major cities, especially so in Hamburg.

Mind you, it depends on the work. "Traditional" industries are less likely to welcome non-German speakers with open arms.

What kind of work would you be interested in? Maybe I can help. I specialize in languages/software myself.

Interestingly: I'm also thinking of moving to Greece soon with my wife. Perhaps you can help me out there!!!

Hello Phlebas,

Thank you for your reply! My background is Management Studies with focus on software applications in the working environment (I know programming (Java/PHP) though I haven't practiced it for 4 years). My working experience has been in the operations side as internal conlultant in terms of performance, KPIs etc in a rather traditional industry. So, I was mainly searching for jobs as Business Analyst or Supply Chain. For software development after 4 years of non-practice I would rather consider myself a beginner, although I know that what is most important is to be able to understand the logic of it.
As for Greece, I will be glad to help you out. Will you be searching for a job or will you be transfered to Greece from work? Let me know what kind of info you need.

Hi Chara,

Let me say first off that with your skills and obvious command of English I highly doubt you'd have any problems getting work in Hamburg. You could always add the German later on - and it's much, much easier learning the language once you're here, anyway. In fact, it's what I did, nearly 10 years ago. I was in a similar position: came from the UK with software development/applications experience, language skills but practically no German. Didn't take me long to catch up.

As to jobs, I can ask some of my contacts if they have anything suitable. What would be a typical "job title" for your kind of work? Other than that, monster.com is obviously a good (but very large) site, while StepStone (stepstone.de) often has good IT jobs advertised. You'd maybe have to access it using Google Translate though, since it's only in German (but it often has better jobs than Monster). Similar is http://www.jobscout24.de/, also German only although it might work with Google Translate. Lastly, I also had good experiences with Euro London (http://www.eurolondon.com). You can pick Hamburg specifically if you want to. Euro London are also the kind of agency that will take your CV and actually reply with jobs (in fact, they are still sending me job offers 3 years later *G). I'll see if I can think of any more.

As to our plans to move to Greece, we're in the very early stages at the moment. We're looking at Athens, Thessaloniki or maybe even Crete. I would be working self-employed (freelancer) and my wife would be looking for a job – in pharmaceuticals if possible or similar lab/research work. We both intend to have decent ("conversational") Greek by the time we move.

Any information about job sites related to Greece (or Athens specifically) would be great for my wife, and any information about self-employment would be very useful. I have already learned a lot about the situation in Greece (OAEE, tax, etc.), but am keen to avoid any serious problems by not knowing things in advance.

Our move is planned for about 2011, so in about a year and a half.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Hello Phlebas ,

    Thank you so much for all the info. It is much desired and appreciated!!

Some sites that could help you in your research are:
www.kariera.gr (in Greek)
www.skywalker.gr (in Greek)
www.justjobs.gr (in English)
http://www.jobingreece.com/english/index.php (in English)

Other alternatives are through agents like Adecco (www.adecco.gr) or ICAP (http://www.icapcareer.gr/online/el-GR/Home).
If you need any help translating an ad or a site just let me know!

This site might be useful as well for insurance issues:

Social Insurance Institute: IKA

If I think of something later on I will come back!


Hi Chara,

I'm in the exact same position as you, I have just started to learn German and myself and my girlfriend are moving to either Hamburg or Hannover next year (my girlfriend is orginally from Hannover)

Good luck with your search, I wish you all the best, keep in touch if you have any hints, I have just started my search.


Hi everyone,
Just been reading your tips!
Im moving to Hamburg in 3 weeks and will be looking for an english speaking job too!
If i have any luck ill let you all know!


I am 'almost' in the same boat as well.  My German wife and I are hoping to move to Hamburg within six months but are waiting on her US employer.  My German is quite basic but I am also hoping to find work as soon as possible.  Does anyone have suggestions for someone with an economics and finance background?  I have submitted some applications on-line but have not had luck.  I am wondering if there is a better way ... thanks ... Keith

Hi All,
The blogs have been very useful, however I notice most of you speak at least some German.
I may be moving with my work close to Dusseldorf and my husband's work in the finance sector. Neither of us speak a bit of German. Are all financial institutions mainly German speaking? Is it difficult to live there without any German at all? I will be learning though!!


Iam currently residing in India/Hyderabad and trying to get a job in germany. could any one give me more details on how to proceed on this, also

1) the current S/W market in germany
2) Pay and other details

My proficiency is in building Web applications, Web services in ASP.NET C#

If any one could give me a genuine consultancy name which can process this. It would be very great full.


Hi  Chara,

I am also in  the same boat, came  to Germany after my marriage,i was working has a software engineer having 4 years of experience. now looking job in hamburg if u find any useful links or any information please  inform to me also.

Thank u and all the best

Hi, the company that I'm working for, AQ Services International is looking for mystery shoppers to visit luxurious beauty & skincare counters at Alster Haus, Hamburg. We need feedback on the customer service given at the counters. Each visit is paid 20Euros plus a reimbursement of the products purchased. To learn more about mystery shopping, send me an email at [email protected] or [email protected]

The visit will require only 20 minutes and you will be given a weblink to fill in your feedback of the visit.

Hi AQShereen! Could you please post in the Hamburg classifieds > job section and not in the forum.

Thank you

Hi Christine,

Thanks! But I thought since people in the forum was asking for paid English jobs in Hamburg, so doing mystery shopping would be fun and its a part time basis job which can be very flexible and convenient.

Sorry and cheers!

Hi guys,

nearly same situation here...i am planning to move to Hamburg by early 2011. I am english/french speaker and i am still learning german, hoping to have at least a basic A1 level proficiency before moving there...

I'm in IT & Technical Customer Support, and i'd be glad to know how is it to get jobs for perfect English & French speakers..

Any advice on online applications would work rather then waiting to be there to submit CVs?

Thanks in advance

Stephane, Mauritius

Hi Stephane! You should have a look at the Work in Germany guide, there are lots of info and useful links. You can also post an ad in the Hamburg classifieds > job section. Good luck.

Merci Christine for your feedback! :)

Hello, everyone,

As others in this forum, I am planning to move to Hamburg by May/June 2011 but I am very afraid of the dire possibilities of finding a job without any knowledge of German.  I am currently in Cameroon and I speak fluent French, Spanish, English and other languages (although at a minor level).  My background is on Project Management for NGOs as well as social science research.

What are the chances of finding a job there with this profile?  I would love to take some German classes before departing but I fear that with my current job demands I am not able to do so. I would plan to take classes in Germany.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks and good luck to all!!

Hello Jamila9,

i have the same problem that you about speaking German. I am learning by myself before moving to Germany but i plan to start integration courses for immigrants as soon as i step in. Many facilities are offered by the city Hamburg through its site hamburd.de.

The site is German but can be changed to English. Many links will redirect you to appropriate sites where you can find language courses, jobs, appartments, information about life there etc..

Just give it a try ;)
Good luck to you too!!


Dear Stephane,

Thank you, once again, for your support!!  Best of luck to you.

Hello Jamila9,

You're most welcome :)
I will definitely need help from members of this blog in the future...

For now i am glad to share what i've been able to come across from my experience here and on other sites..

By the way, why choosing Hamburg now, after Cameroon? :)
Hamburg looks to be a nice town indeed! I chose it for my future settlement due to the vast community of english-speaking  people present there.

How is it in Cameroon? Would be nice to see some pictures of life there! please share with us whenever possible. I'm sure others would love to know too!


Why Hamburg?  Love. Why else?!? :-) There is also curiosity about the region (I love the proximity to Denmark), language, and up for a change, in general.

Cameroon is very interesting.  I am having a great time here with my current job, its people, and the environment.  I especially love the weather!!  I am sure I will get a shock with the cold in Hamburg, but I easily adapt!

Regarding photos, hmm, where would I post them here!?!?  You can also befriend me in Facebook, if you have an account, and you will be able to see several pictures there.  Although, it might actually make for boring images for you since I live in the capital city where most of the pictures were taken.

Hehe!!! Wow love can move mountains and make people move far and fast!! :) Good then!! Good luck in what you endeavour...

For sure it will be a climatic shock for me too!!! I'm used to a tropical climate with sun & sea, being on an island :) But i think that i could do it!

Yeah on facebook i've found you and sent a friend request already! No matter where are the pictures taken, i'd love to see Cameroon from an expat's view :)
Cannot be so bad...it just changes from what i know :)

Well for now, enjoy expat-blog and see you soon on Facebook! and maybe one day in Hamburg...


I was looking to go to Germany for a Gap year. My german is at foundation GCSE level, but i have no other qualifications apart from those obtained from my school (GCSE and International Bac). Is it likely that it would be possible to work somewhere like a cafe even with limited german? thanks

One of the most traditional industries in Hamburg is the shipping industrie.  There are plenty of brokers, agents, shipowners and operators in Hamburg. Dealing with people from all over the globe is concidered daily business, so basically English is their office language. I have plenty of non-germany friends working in shipping here in Hamburg.
And the Job is great fun as well.

Hi everyone!

I'm new here (just registered :) and in the same situation. I'm planning to move to Hamburg by June 2011 but I am not sure about the possibilities of finding a job there without fluency in German. Currently it's on basic (Goethe A2) level but I'm determined to improve it as fast as possible :) I'm from Poland, so except native Polish I speak fluent English (BEC Higer). I've got almost 3 years experience in international companies (Hewlett-Packard and Credit-Suisse). I'm sending my resumes all the time but I'm not sure if it makes sense if my application address is still in Poland. On the other hand I'm a little bit afraid to move to H. without having a job. What do you think? Should I take a risk? :)

Welcome to Expat.com, Izabelle :)
I suppose that you could insert an ad in our Hamburg Classifieds -> Jobs section but you could also read the chapter on Work in Germany in the Guide for the expatriate in Germany which contains useful hints for the jobseeker.
Wishing you success in your endeavour
Have a nice day further

I'm new here just registered and in the some situation.I'm planning to move to hamburg by January 211 but iam not sure about possibilities of finding a job there without fluency in Germany.I'M FORM Nigeria I SPEAK English on the other hand I'm a little bit afraid to move to hamburg without having a job for my studies. What do you thin should i take a risk


Moving to Hamburg in January 2011 . My German is very small.  I looking for English speaking job. Can anyone give me any contacts or information that might help me.



well agree with ''AlexArthur'' I use English daily at work and it is in shipping company. well it is nice and I was just lucky, getting this job. Good luck!!


I am considering moving to Hamburg with wife within the next 12 months. My wife is from Hamburg. I am a bit concerned because my German is very limited and I dont know long it will take me to get a job. I currently a Senior Recruitment Consulant with over 7 years experience of recruiting Doctors, Nurses IT professionals and Oil and Gas Engineers.

My wife would be able to find a job quickly because she is fluent in German and English and she currently works for a major Bank in the UK. We also have over £18'000 save up and we would be able to stay with her family until we get a place of our own.

I plan on learning the language when I get to Germany because I do not believe I would be able to intergrate into the culture without understanding the language.

I would just like to know how easy would it be to get a job in the recruitment sector in Germany. It does not have to be as a consultant. I would also consider Sales jobs also

I would like to hear from anyone who can help

tiffanychern wrote:

Hi All,

I'm a Registered Nurse, currently taking German Language B1 class with Goethe Institute, aim to work and live in Germany later sooner. I've doubt in finding nursing job in Germany.
How is the nursing system in Germany?
Anyone can advise me?

Tiff, Malaysia.

How are you finding the B1 Language class through the Goethe institute? I'm interested in furthering my language skills, and would like to know how intensive it is, how expensive and what level speaker its aimed at.


I'm from England but moved to Paris 4 years ago to do a degree in French Literature and Art History. Now fluent in French, since finishing my degree I have done an internship translating and writing online content for the English version France's biggest online movie database and cinema website, followed by a year working as the receptionist and welcomer at Paris's biggest fashion photography studio in order to obtain a really high level of spoken French. Now my boyfriend wants us to move to Hamburg for his job (a good one as he is an Aeronautical Engineer) and since I want a change and was already teaching myself German, I'm not opposed to the idea. Even if I could only find a basic job, I consider it a year of free German lessons, hopefully finishing in me being trilingual! Does anyone know of very-basic-German-speaking jobs in bars or restaurants? Or, ideally, of English or French jobs in writing, web content, magazines, etc?

I forgot to mention, hi to everyone! and that I do not yet speak German, just the basics

Hi Chara

I have been living in Hamburg for 3 years now. It is a real cosmopolitan city with varied residents. I do speak a little German but my wife does not and she does just fine because most German people learn English from a young age in school.

Try Airbus where I work, there are varied career paths and im sure your skills would be welcomed.

Br and good luck


im moving to hamburg on friday and wondering about bar work over there i dont speak german so i am crapping myself about going and im scottish to so people find it hard to understand me full stop is there a chance of work

Hi there,

I am also relatively new in Hamburg and my German is slowly improving. I have been looking for English speaking jobs since September and the most popular choice would be to teach English at one of Hamburg's many language schools. I have applied at different schools without success but perhaps you will have a bit more luck.

The other option, which is far more effective, is to just learn German, since many English-speaking employees and companies still require a basic knowledge of German, and the Germans generally speak very little English here (or maybe I just haven't found the English-speaking ones yet).

I am currently taking German lessons at the Colon Language Center in central Hamburg and until I find a proper job I'm improving my German at a bar job on the Reeperbahn.

I wish you lots of luck. And don't worry, Hamburg is an awesome city, once you get settled it's a blast.

If you have further questions don't hesitate to contact me.

The question to those of you with social sciences background and project management experience: I am in the same boat. German level B1, but still needs a lot of work. 4 years experience running an international research project in Ireland. English: native fluency, though I am Polish by birth.
I was wondering, would it be possible to get a comment from you on how did you get on? When you moved, how did you find a job, where did you find a job etc? It would help me immensely.


Hi everybody, I am living in Freiburg but I am not able to find English speaking jobs here so I am planning on going to Hamburg. My area is IT, especially networking…does anyone know a good site to start looking. I'm registered in a lot of agencies out there but I'd really appreciate some good direct info, I really need it.
My German level is A1, and I'll be finishing classes in 3 weeks…but before move on to the next level I need to start working.
Any recommendations and/or information are more than welcome.

Thanks !!

Hello Dammo -> Do not hesitate to post an advert in the Jobs in Hamburg section. ;)

Thank you,