Moving to Hamburg

I am thinking of moving to Hamburg and I am looking for an English speaking job, since my German language knowledge is quite poor. Do you know any site or any recruiting team  I could advice? 
Thank you in advance for your time!!

that kind of depends what your area of expertise is in. if you are in an engineering area, for example, not speaking much german is not a big deal. in the service area, it is, obviously, a much bigger deal. most big companies where you will have contact with foreigners will appreciate your English, but if you have to have more contact with germans, you will need to learn the language.
apart from that it is hard to give you any direct names without knowing what you have skills and experience with.
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I am already in Hamburg but so far haven't found any job opportunity here, job adverts  often  part time with low pay or need  technical skills. Definitely GERMAN language is must to be able communicate with Germans even though Germans do speak good English too.
German language is not easy to learn in short time, even after 5 months study I still need proper practice and more study.
Hoping some day I speak good german and get a job then. Till then stil enjoying cloudy wet weather of Hamburg :)

Hi, send me a copy of your resume to [email protected].

i live in berlin i m a musician my facebook tchiepi cliff we could be friend

Hello! I want to expat Hamborg too! When do you want to go there?

Hello Cary. I am a thermal power plant engineer having nearly 4 years of professional experience in operation and technical services along with supply chain. From Oct 2015, I am moving to Hamburg for my post graduate studies. Could you please help me find out suitable jobs as per my experience?

Besides, I am quite interested in teaching English. If there are any opportunities for teaching English, I will be happy to join.

German is not a muss at all.
I am also an engineer, I am working for an international company where the first language is English. also most of my clients are international companies and they all manage their projects in English.