Native speakers/ translators wanted

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Hello Marlene.lingua.

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Can you please post your job offer in the jobs in Hamburg section?

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Hello I am Jake I am Looping for a work Have lernend englisch in Belfast ESOL Cambridge Do I have a Chance for any work?Have been living in UK for 7 years Please let me know

Good afternoon Marlene,
I will be moving to Cologne at the end of February and therefore I am starting to look at possible part-time jobs I could do while living in Germany.
I am Italian mother tongue and I would like to be taken in consideration for translations - german to italian or english to Italian if there is a need.

Thank you

Hey Marlene,

I tried sending you an e-mail with all my information twice today, but something is wrong with the address and the mail couldn't be delivered.

I am also based in Hamburg, fluently multilingual in Dutch, English, French and Greek with 2 years of translation experience.

Please contact me if you are still interested. I am always reachable via e-mail: [email protected]

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Sebastian Emmelot

My name is Sonia Padrón Padrón. I'm Spanish, I have an English Philology degree (University of La Laguna) and a “Master of Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language”. I can speak English, Portuguese and I'm studying German (level: A2 . As it is an intensive curse I will have B1 level in June) I have studies about Spanish teaching. My working experience mainly deals with English and Spanish for foreigners teaching. For that reason I master foreign language teaching methodology. I have worked in different secondary schools since 2004, although I have also worked with adults. I have taught students from different nationalities: Spanish, South American, English, South Africans, Moldavian, Mauritanian, Nigerian, from Guinea Bisau, From Ivory Coast, and from Mali.
My husband had to go to Hamburg to work, that's why I would like to find a job there for the next year (2013-2014). I define myself as a responsible and organised person, with a great capacity for work and highly involved in anything I undertake. My working expectations are wide, but what can best define me in a better way are my desires of self-improvement, learning and increasing my knowledge in any field.

Hi Marlene

I tried to send you an email, but I got 'undelievered mail' reply.
I am a native Polish speaker. Between 2007 and 2013 I lived in Ireland, working in professional capacity and earning translation and interpretation experience. If you would like to know more about my experience, please contact me via PM on this website.