I am trying to get a job in South Korea !

Hey Everyone! I am 23 years old from Bend, Oregon, USA. I graduated a couple years ago, and just haven't found anything that excites me more than traveling. I have decided that packing up my life to teach English seems to be a pretty great way to see the world and earn some money. I am trying to get a job in South Korea and the process has been exciting. I hope to (one day soon) be over there living my dreams! (I am aiming for Daegu, so if you are already there, hit me up!) Thanks.

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Greetings. I. BENJAMIN. I have been in Daegu 15 years. I spent my summers in Bend growing up. My aunt lives on a ranch/farm/forest.

Anyway, one thing I will tell you is not to have expectations. Just cone with an open mind and you will have the time of  your life.

Daegu is a city of extremes regarding weather although not much precipitation.

How did you even fond out about Daegu? When are you coming?

What can I you?

If you drive then you will want to get a car but public transportation is a right of passage. Good cars can be picked up for a grand or two. You can get a credit card here, and experience almost everything you deseire.

Check out;
Seoul.craigslist.org search jobs and daegu will be in the list

In the Know Periodicals for Ktown
ISSUU and then daegu pockets and Compass if you cant find directly

I hope this helps. Good luck and let me know of there is more I can do.


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