hiking around BP

On  my next visit to Budapest, I am looking to go hiking in or around Budapest. I am traveling solo, and therefore looking to join local hiking clubs, if they exist. Any lead would be appreciated.

Hi Irene!

Any luck finding hiking opportunities? I'm also interested!

No, but I am hopeful by May I will find out something. Are you residing in Bp?

The easiest place to go is up to the hills above buda. There is a bus from szell kalman ter (up the stairs) that goes up to normafa. You can also get the cog train from the park down the road from szell kalman ter. Up on the hill there is plenty of walking. You can go up the look out tower and there is the childrens railway. Getting a bit further away from town. You can go by train from nyugati to a place called magyarkut. You change to the small train in Vac. It takes about 40 mins. There there is a small restaurant by the spring and it leads out into the woods. You can also go a bit further on the same train I believe. There is a small town called diosjeno and you can hike into the heart of the borszony. very nice forest there. Golden in the autumn.

Thank you for the tips, but I am looking to join  in on organized hikes with a group.

There are quite a lot of walking tours around the city if that is of interest. Some of the hostels organise them or you can find some on trip advisor. The couchsurfing group sometimes organises some hiking trips but if you are only there for a short time I am not sure about organised hikes. Maybe you could email the owner of this site about going hiking kektura.click.hu/OKT/29_eng_links.htm

Thank you kindly. I wonder if there are any "meetups" in Hungary. Are you familiar with that concept? I'll check it out.

Hi. there are some English meet ups in Budapest, look up here: meetup.com/

Good information. Do you know anything about hiking near or around Tunder? I think that is the name. It is a huge rock formation --- I believe I took the 155 bus from Szél Kalman Tér but cannot remember where I got off. I glimpsed the rock but would like to know how to get closer and take a hike there. I will take the other hikes you suggested. Thanks

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