Floatation tank in Budapest?

Has anyone come across a floatation tank anywhere in Budapest, or in Hungary for that matter? I did find a review of one but it's a few years old and the email address is defunct.


I'd like to help, but my idea of what "floatation tank" means is rather vague, and strongly affixed to the image of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars suspended in a glass tube while healing :-)

There are a number of spas (fürdő, gyógyfürdő), baths (strand) and complex water-centric entertainment establishments like Water World (aquapark, aquawhatever)
These have all kinds of facilities like saunas, echo chambers, aromatic pools, massage, walking on pebbles in hot and cold water, and so on. Both in Budapest and towns around the country built on hot springs.

Thanks Szocske - I've been to most of the baths and spas and apart from the 'upgrading and refurbishment' exercises over the last couple of years, I enjoy them. Shame to see the character being stripped away. Hope Kiraly passes under the refurb radar :-)

A floatation tank is an enclosed structure, big enough to lie down in  that contains heavily salted water. You float with lights out for about an hour... does wonders for your spine.

OK, so my Star Wars mental image was not that far off :-)

I have never heard of such a thing, but I admittedly lag behind wellnes trends a bit :-)

With the emphasis on "lights out" I came across a couple of terms you could search for:
Izolációs tartály

A recent articlevertisment mentions "Hotel Spirit" in Sarvar, one of those towns only known for their spa.

couple more from quick googling:

"Levendula Day Spa" in Budapest


Knock yourself out if you can afford it :-)

I have seen one advertised as I have been walking along round Budapest - just need to remember exactly where!!!!  I think it is on the long street that borders city park.  If you haven't found one yet I can take a walk along that way and try and find it for you

Yes, please. That would be great. Am still looking for one!!!!

Cool.  Well I have finished my exams now so will try and retrace my steps in that area find it for you.  There was a pic of the 'pod' which I recognised as being similar to one of my gyms in the Uk used to have one

Much obliged.... that's very decent of you.

No prob.  I like the pic of your giraffe!

I think it is on Dozsa Gyorgy ut but will have a stroll past tomorrow. Put on loads of weight during my exams :(  so need to get out walking to try and lose it again


I found the place and went in for a brochure for you, but it is not a floatation tank, though it looks just like one.  Its some sort of cellulite busting hydrotherapy machine.

Sorry! Hope you find one soon :)

Thanks for trying. The search will continue!