Books in Budapest!


I am new to this forum and have been in Budapest now since August and and am really loving living here.

I am an avid reader, but I find books horrendously expensive compared to the UK. I have joined a nearby library that has some English books, though they are all pretty old. It was quite a struggle to get the library to let me join (I take it they don't have many English members) but they did in the end!  Probably to get rid of me!

Has anyone any ideas where I could get some newish English language books either new or second hand?  Just novels, that sort of thing.  Maybe some of you would want to swap books or maybe even start a book club or something?  I have lots of friends at uni, but they will all be going home for the holidays and I won't (probaby quite obvious since I am in an internet forum on Christmas day)so it would be nice to meet some other expats in Budapest.

Anyway - hope everyone is having a great Christmas and best wishes for the new year


You could always try the British Council library at Benczúr street 26, used to be a great resource when I was a kid. (The library card automatically added you to the suspicious persons' database of the communist secret service at the time :-) )


Hi and Boldog Új Évet!
I buy almost all of my English books at Libri which I don't find too expensive but on the other hand there isn't really a wide variety of books to choose from. My suggestion is to try to buy your books online.

I think your idea with swapping books and/or a book club sounds lovely. If you feel like starting up something, let me know!



I recommend (moderated: no ads)to you. They deliver to Hungary for free and the prices are very good, sometimes cheaper than

It's going to be pretty hard to discuss goods and services here if we are not allowed to refer to commercial entities :-)

"English" is "angol" in Hungarian, "book" is "konyv", use your imagination and your web search engine of choice, preferably one with a "Translate this page" option, dare I say which? :-)

"Nyelvkonyv" is "language book", "nyelviskola" is "language school", skip those hits, but not "angol nyelvu konyv(ek)" that means "English language book(s)" or "idegen nyelvu konyv(ek)" for "foreign language book(s)", that's what you want. "kulfoldi" means "foreign" as well ("outlander" actually)

The bookswap idea is great in general, but I in particular only have my most cherished books in English, and do most of my reading from a computer screen lately anyway. (nerd!)
I'm pretty sure a library, a church, maybe a cafe or pub could be convinced to host it.

I am a bit annoyed that my comment was moderated...I don't work for that company, I just love their service and I thought it is very helpful to share this information as I think not too many people in Hungary knows about this possibilty...
It is also interesting that mentioning doesn't mean an ad...
So I try again, it is bookdepository, if you search in google,you will find it.

Hi everybody,

our moderator reported me this discussion this morning. She thinks she's been too severe. Sorry about this.

Szano79, could you please repost your link?



Hi Julien,

Thank you. My original post was:

I recommend to you. They deliver to Hungary for free and the prices are very good, sometimes cheaper than

Hi Hollycat,

you can try a bookstore that sells second-hand books, like Treehuger Dan's at Csengery u. or Lazar u. I usually buy books at Bestsellers (on Oktober 6), or through Amazon.

I know I said I was not into book swapping, but I've been thinking about this a bit more.

Does anyone by chance have a copy of the "Heat Wave" book published along with the "Castle" TV series last year I could borrow?
My wife is a big fan (... of Malcom Raynods' bottom...) and I'd like to test how far her admiration goes :-)
(reading a potentially shitty detective story published under the name of a character played by an actor who she thought was cute 10 years ago: now that's devotion :-) )

There's not much I can offer in return as hostages:
Some Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchet books in English, and lots of books for children, including about a meter of RedWall books.

Thanks for everyones replies!!!! Very much appreciated.  I will look into them all :)  Bookdepositry looks cool and I think there are a few on my 'wish list' that I may treat myself to.  I was really spoilt in the UK where I could get 2 books for just over £3 at my local Tesco's on special offer.  So for me paying £6 for 1 book is :o  Also I am a student at uni now so have very little spare cash. 

The books in the library I use all have a stamp that says they were from the British Council Library so maybe all the newish ones are still there at the British Council and the library I use has the old ones? 

I have typed up a list of books I have to swap if anyone is interested. I have a very wide range of reading interests.

I have some books I am willing to part with- for free.  I do not live in Budapest but do visit.  I could deliver them to you.  If you are interested PM me.  Redbus is cheaper than Treehugger Dan's.

Several great places in Budapest for books in English.
1. Bestsellers on Oktober 6 utca
2. Pendragon on Pozsonyi utca
3. Red Bus used books on Semmelweis u.
4. Treehugger Dan's behind the Opera and on Csengery u.

Prices at all of these places much better than the UK. If you need more, let me know.


I'm on the look out for swaps of good quality children's books in (British) English (ages 5-7) which I'd like to swap for older and relatively recent good condition paperback novels in English. No buying or selling, just swaps. PM me if interested.