Basketball in Budapest

Hello everyone,

Newbie to the expat community in Budapest.

Does anyone know of a place where there is full court basketball being played?


Hello njovanov and welcome to!


I've asked about 200 people if they knew of a place to play indoor basketball. Not one person had a clue. I didn't know the Magyar's were so anti-basketball. Kind of crazy coming from Chicago and Serbia, where there are places everywhere.

There are half courts in City Park but that's the best I've ever found. Maybe you can play a game of HORSE? :)

@njovanov have you found anything? would love to join as well, if you haven't found anything let's start something.

I live right next to one in Orczy Park, its by Nagyvarad Ter in District IX. I am also willing to join for basketball

@xavier how is it in Orczy Park? is it always full and have you notice what are the peak days?

actually i am not quite sure about the peak days or such but I must say that frequently its empty or just half court, it doesn't seem to be very commonly used

@xavier @njovanov since we can't really find any group to play with, let's try to organize something on our own what do you think? what days and time are you guys usually free?

I havn't played basketball in quite a few years and am by no means good but I would be interested in coming along some time too. I am moving to the 9th district on monday :D

Ok I would love to do basketball!

@engie saw your post actually on 6-aside football earlier and wanted to engage a conversation, hmm perhaps on our first basketball match we can talk about it there's a pitch at Orczy Park as well, let's see, which days and time would be good for you?

@xabier what days of the week and time are you free for a match, let's try to make a 1st match happen.

wow in Orczy park there is also a really nice pitch that is not used most of the time, I would also love to do football!

This is starting to be a great conversation, that we are getting in touch cause i'm up for both football and basketball as well.

Excelent. Would be good to just get out at least lol. I am moving on monday and i have a friend coming out for 2 weeks but that doesn't matter, ill just leave her in the flat whilst i have a kick about :D Lets see how much interest we get from this and definitely arrange to meet. By the way, its takes me about an hour to find anywhere. I have got lost soooo many times and hasn't even bee a week yet :S

@engie_bengie no worries it's close to a M3 station so you should be safe, otherwise we can meet up mid-way. I sent you a Private Message can you check if you got it?


got it. have replied.

anybody else interested to play basketball or football don't hesitate to message me, xabier and engie_bengie.

football and basketball still open

Most people I know who play soccer (small-field) and basketball do so in school gyms afternoons when the facilities are open for rent.
Actually, that's only true for Budapest, the fields are empty most of the week in the surrounding villages, I fly my kite on ours :-)

we have regular basketball and now starting to play football as well, anyone is free to join.

Will you play basketball on sunday?

When can i play basketball?

i'll pm you @purge

"Basketball" ... an American ball game which comprises 4 x 12 minute quarters which take about 2 1/2 hours to complete. The result is always determined after the 2 minute warning and will be by a margin of 1 or 2 points, i.e. 102 to 101 or 87 to 89.

Basketball is the reason Americans have short attention spans.  ;-)

i can join you guys if you find a place to play. its been ages since i played it but would be good to start over again

@chinomoreno i'll pm you for details

Hi! I'd like to join playing basketball, can somebody share the dates and times and further details? Thanks!

@xxyonixx I'll pm you now

Hi! I just moved to Budapest 3 weeks ago. I'd like to play some basketball as well, could I join you guys?

i'll send you a private message.

we play regular basketball and football, open to all.

knuttelmarc:when and where do you play?I'm also interested

i am interested too...count me in

please message me with meetup location and dates. thanks

we play regular basketball and football, open to all.

Hi everyone.

I'm coming to Budapest this summer for two years and would like to play basketball in real championship.

Do you know if there are some, apart from A and B division ?
If not, how would you qualify the B division level ?



i also want to join basketball if you still playing.


hi everyone i would love to join if that is if that is possible...tnx

Hi! I'm also interested in playing basketball.