Halloween In Hungary???

From research I have found that this is not a celebrated holiday in Hungary. But with two children here with me it is very hard to explain to them that we wont be trick or treating this year. LOL. I know that there are many other American Expats living here, does anyone know of anything that has been put together for us take our children to do this?
Thanks in advance.


We have Day of the Dead on November 2., so it's considered inappropriate to go and have fun on the same weekend :-/

Tell them we have "farsang", end of winter, not just a single date but a whole "costume party season"! The difference being costumes are regarded as an opportunity to be creative with your wardrobe and rugs and stuff, and the most clever home made costume will draw the most awe, not the most lifelike store-bought one.
And no trick-or-treating.

There's also April 1. fool's day, it's all tricks, but no treat.

Treats are on Easter, when you dress up nice, take a bottle of cologne, and knock on the doors of your female relatives and acquaintances, tell them silly jingles involving watersplashing and red bunny eggs, and get candy. Or highly concentrated alcohol :-/

If there is a revolution brewing, count me in though, my kids are 5 and 9 :-)

I know they don't do Halloween here, and I'm kind of bummed, too - I'm 25, but I still like to dress up!  I was wondering if there were any groups of fun-loving Americans who might want to throw a Halloween party, but I know if I ask, someone will suggest I plan it myself!  I'd do it in a heartbeat at home, but here I don't have any room to do it, I don't know many American people, and I'm too busy with school to do it all myself.  But I have my ears perked if anyone hears about some Halloween Happenings through the grapevine.

By the way, I'd even help throw a party for the kids, but I'd have no idea where to start.  Give me a venue and some serious participants, and I'll be glad to rally!

Thats a tough one, with the kids.  Last year I know they had some parties in the city but it was just for adults :( I go to my friends house and we carve pumpkins and go to the sausage festival.  I totally wish I could be more help!!  I would LOVE to see your kids dressed up!!  I totally really miss Halloween and all the kids running around the neighborhood asking for candy!!!  If I hear of anything I will be sure to post it!!!

For kids: millenaris.hu
"Halloween is becoming increasingly popular in Hungary. Come and create your costume with us: you might even win a small gift in our costume competition. We'll be making Jack-o'-lanterns and baking cakes. Experts will be on hand to help you create your Halloween costume. In the meantime, members of the Little Theatre company will keep us all smiling.

10:00 to 11:00, Hurray for the Witches' Sabbath
10.00-16.00 Baba Bú-Jó – Playhouse for tots
10:00 to 16:00 Csiribiri handicraft workshop
11.00–12.00 Concert by the Kiskalász band
13:30 Halloween costume show and competition – with some additional exciting challenges
14.30 Amorf Lovagok – concert"

Thank you so much!

Every year at Vörösmarty square on 31st Oct from 18:30 Haloween Festival.
No english site, sorry.

Every year on Heroes Square Lantern Festival.
No english site.

Date 29th Oct!!! Not 31st.

There are some activities for the kids in the Budapest Zoo from oct 29th till nov 6th, but the details are not yet on the website.

In Győr at their zoo there is a halloween for kids, too. No english site:(((

International Womemn's Club:

Party: merlinbudapest.org/eng/node/40

Have you seen this website?

I have not seen that website, and for some reason I can not get it to open on my IPad?

It worked yesterday... But now there are errors in the web page.

try it this way: