Brit living in Austria, but working in Bratislava.

Currently living in Bratislava, and hoping somebody might know the answer to the following please:
Is it possible for a Brit to live in Wolfsthal or Hainburg, but still work in Bratislava?  I am thinking about my resident's permit for here - which I guess would need to be changed to there, and then there are taxes, doctor's etc.
I have heard it is quite easy for Slovak's to do, but not come across any Brit's doing it.
Thanks in advance.

Not expert on this,

But its 2 options

01. by working in Slovak territory you must pay the tax in Slovakia .  according to my knowledge Tax law apply where you work physically. so in your case you must pay the tax in slovakia no matter  you live in  Austria.

But good to know  more info about your situation ?

01. Where is your bank  location ?

02. you take salary in cash ? or they transferred  money to bank account ? or you have company ?

03. are  you paying  tax in Slovakia ?

I assume you can avoid the double taxation.  because you work in  slovakia, and your pay tax in Slovakia then you can take that tax return papers from Slovakia to Austria. in my opp that will help you to avoid the duble taxation.

BUT , it always good to ask from tax consult


I looked at the same thing a while back and was advised to leave my Slovak status as it is.

If you have a permanent address in Austria there is nothing stopping you registering there too.

I was also told that although there is some cross referencing of Slovaks by the Austrian authorities they only cross check Brits to the UK. So, theoretically you could work part time in Austria pay no income tax (threshold is around 12k) and get all the Austrian benefits.

Again regarding doctors etc, once you have residency in Austria you should be entitled to those services, though I think you have to work there for a minimum amount of time before you can claim unemployment benefit.

Good luck.


I read your question and I have a very similar one, as my husband have been offered a job in Bratislava but we would considering living in Vienna.
My doubt is about access to healthcare in Vienna and eligibility for residence, as the work location would be Bratislava and we're Italian.

Has anyone had the same experience?


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Hi, I am interested about the same topic. Did you get any answer?

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