Being self-employed

I was wondering if anyone has information on being self-employed in the DR?  Specifically as an artist.

Of course, what would you like to know????  Once you have your residencia and cedula, you can register yourself as a self employed person. 

You will be required to report earnings etc over various periods of time and pay tax if that is appropriate. 

That being said, many just plug away doing their thing.....

Thanks Planner!  I would need to know about taxes, what do I charge clients, how much do I pay, do I also pay tax in Canada for what I take in as I'll still be a Canadian citizen?  Much of my business will be conducted online and I'll be relying on a method of shipping.  I've always mailed my work out to customers but I'm not sure if that is the best way in DR.  Any other information would be appreciated!

From here we use a "mail service" so that I have a box in Miami that my mail and packages flow thru. I send it from here, goes to Miami for a fee, then whatever method you want from Miami to destination.  You simply pay for it from this end. Receiving packages - they just mail or courier to your box in Miami and they deliver it to you here.

As for taxes - you need to speak to a tax accountant or attorney in Canada to know what your rights and obligations are. Tax here:  if you earn it here you are taxed on it here.   Many many who earn via internet etc do not claim their income here. 

IF you declare it here you need to know if there is a tax treaty with Canada if you need to also pay there.......... gets complicated.

Yes it sounds complicated but I want to do everything above board.  You said I'd be required to report earnings etc over periods of time and pay tax if appropriate.  By periods of time do you mean annually?  And when you say “if appropriate” does that mean there are exemptions?  For those that earn on the internet and don't claim in DR, do they claim in their home country or not at all?  I don't expect to earn much, just a little extra to supplement my finances as needed but it's what I love to do so why not profit from it?

I agree if you love it and can earn from it why not.  OK, taxes and self employment is not simple.  First decide where you are declaring.  IF you are declaring here, you need your residencia and cedula. You register your cedula as your RNC.  Then when you
pay VAT tax on "supplies etc" you can deduct it back off when you charge clients,  in other words it washes itself out partly or entirely. That is  the VAT. 

Second  is income tax.  So on income earned here I believe about the first 30,000 RD per month is income tax free, the next band is taxed at 16% and it goes up to 24%.  I don't know the exact % or bands so you will need help on that once you are here.

Thank you, I really appreciate your help!  That would be great if I made 30,000RD a month!  Maybe when I'm established!

Also if you are a US resident you will need to file a tax return reporting any income you earn here. The first $87,000 ( I may be off a bit on the number) is tax free but I think you still need to pay SS taxes on it.
You might want to check with a US Tax accountant

Bob K

Actually if you are a US resident you need to file a tax return every year no mater if you earn any thing or not.

Bob K

I imagine it's similar to that in Canada too, I'll check into it.  Thank you both for the info.  I'm getting there...

Continue to do you homework. Decisions based on facts always work out better.

Bob K

Thanks Bob, I've been researching this for a long time but kept getting conflicting information on the net.  Joining the forum cleared a lot of things up for me.  By the time I'm ready to make the move I should be well informed!

Good luck and keep us posted.

Bob K

yes Canada is very very different and there you have choices. Keep us posted!

Where did you register your self-employment? And did you get a document for it?

Good morning and welcome to the forums. This is a very very old thread and much has changed here. I see you started another thread and will respond there.