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Hi fellow friend from Hungary,

I moved to Budapest in Feb with my wife. She got a job here, so I quit mine from Bucharest. I've been searching for 2 months, on a daily basis, for a part-time/full-time/freelancer job in Budapest. My problem is that I don't know the language, although I started learning it. I have 8 years of sales and logistics experience (sales rep, logistic and sales coordinator).

I'm curious, is it really that hard to get a job here? I'm applying on every possible job board/agency from Hungary and yet nobody seems interested.

I'm just curious about your experience. Thanks!


I might be able to help, i have contacts that might need logistics experience. pm me your email.

Hi Bogdan!

Company I work for is looking for Financial Consultant, sales experience is required. If you are interested please send me an email to sonja.mansfield[at]


Maybe it's because your professions are so heavily reliant on human interaction, there's just no way to do them without a common language.
Were you a software developer for example, you'd have absolutely no problem finding a job with just English.

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