Aichi Scholarship program 2013

Hello everyone,

I am a newcomer here. So I would like to introduce myself. I am Anusuya Nallathambi from southern India. I am an Electronics Engineer. I have always dreamt of doing my Masters program in Japan from when I was a high school student.

Fortunately I came to know of an opportunity through a mentor. That's how I learned of the Aichi Scholarship program awarded by the Aichi Prefectural Government and have applied for it.

I have submitted my application through the recommendation of Nagoya Institute of Technology, Nagoya.

The Professor at the lab that I have chosen for my research study informed me that I have secured the first rank in the recommendation ranking. What does it mean in the terms of my selection ?

Has any of you been enrolled for graduate program through this scholarship ?
Is there a chance for me to get selected ?

Hi Anusuya Nallathambi,

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Thank you