Looking for russian teacher in kuwait

Hi all,

I want to learn the Russian language, I am a beginner in this language, I would like to get a teacher versed to the Russian language .

if you so, or know anyone, please contact me


My name is Ilona, I am Russian. I used to teach Russian language for kids and adults in Los Angeles and now in Tokyo, Japan.
I can teach any levels, grammar, daily conversation, business etc
I can teach via Skype.
If you are interesting, please, feel free to contact me.

Hello TravelMan1671.

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The Classes section (Language classes) in the Kuwait classifieds could help. You should post an advert there.

Thank you,

hello every body
am new in Expat.com and I need also Russian teacher so plz contact me on xxx

Hello Mina Basily and welcome to Expat.com

So as to increase your chances to find a Russian teacher, I invite you to drop in an advert in our section Language Classes in Kuwait

Expat.com Team

Do you still teach Russian?

Hello Guys, I know an Russian academic teacher here in Kuwait got masters in teaching English and tutoring both languages  RU & EN.
PM me for details

Hi everyone! I'm from Russia (Moscow). Currently I'm living in Kuwait with my daughter and husband. I would like to teach Russian. I am a certified teacher, having graduated in teaching Russian at a university in Moscow. I have extensive experience teaching Russian to Russians who wanted to improve their language. I am quite new as a teacher for foreigners, but I am very enthusiastic about it. If you interested in learning Russian language (or know someone who is), contact me.

I am interested in learning Russian language
Please let me know how can I proceed
My contact number is ***
Thank you

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Hi Mrs.

Can I have more information about the cost per hour or sessionand if there materials you are using so how many levels do I need if I am 0 with Russian.




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Yeah... I agree with Aurelie, if you could subscribe your post in Classified, you may get the genuine responses from the users... cheers...

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