Lisbon Neighborhoods

Hello all!

I'll be relocating to Lisbon in a few months and I'm trying to figure out which neighborhood will be best for me. I'll be keeping my job for a company in the US and working remotely from my flat, so I'm free to pick anywhere, really. Currently, I'm living in the Boston area in the States. If anyone happens to be familiar with nearby Cambridge, that's the kind of environment I quite like: lots of music, restaurants, art, libraries, bars/clubs, and cafes, all within walking distance. I have no intention of getting a car in Lisbon. I'm a 26 year-old male and since I'll be working from my flat, I'd like to be in an area where I can easily get out and do all kinds of different things. I'm currently learning Portuguese, but it's still difficult for me to find information on the internet without knowing exactly what I'm looking for.

Thanks everyone!


Most areas of Lisbon provide what you are looking for, but be more careful with Socorro, Anjos, towards downtown in the Avenida Almirante Reis, after praca do chile.

Nicest areas are Belem, Restelo, Algés, Graça, Santa Catarina ( noisy at night due to bairro alto)

Stay away from anything close to Almirante Reis, Olaias, Beato, Martim Moniz, Alfama.

I would disagree about Almirante Reis, Areeiro is by Almirante Reis and is a nice area, but after Praca do Chile towards downtown,it deteriorates fast.

If I were you, I would look around Baixa area since it is close to everything

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