TVDE license / certificate in ENGLISH

Hello all. Anyone know someone or a school or or that would help me get a TVDE Certificate so that I could start working as a Uber driver? I have contacted many schools but non have it or provide the classes or private class in English? Thank you all

TVDE courses
They are usually 50 hour courses, 50% e-learning and 50% presence classes. You need to find out if the courses can be in English. It is very likely that they can be (*):


(*) … istas-tvde



Thank you very much. I will contact them all and get back to you with the results!

Thank you again. I have emailed every one on the list and will keep you posted!

Academia Profissional

Replied with

Bom dia,

Para a realizar a formação TVDE terá que ser fluente em português, a formação e o exame final são 100% em português.

Obrigada e qualquer duvida disponha.

Translated :

Good morning,

To carry out the TVDE training you will have to be fluent in Portuguese, training and the final exam are 100% in Portuguese.

Thank you and any doubts.

Best regards,
Agnes Moura

Waiting for ACP rest all said they can't do it in English. I'm still looking /) at least now we have a TVDE post for non Portuguese speakers looking to join :)

And regarding this one:
Their application form is in English. Have you had an answer yet?

Was waiting  for a reply but just called them and the gentleman there spoke fluent English but said they do not have it in English I even asked if it possible to have a private class he said no and that the test is in Portuguese . I asked if someone could translate he said no.

Well still looking

It is even complicated making a driver's license in English here in Portugal. On the other hand I believe (with is different from knowing) that learning enough Portuguese for the TVDE license isn't that complicated. Plus it might help in many other situations.

Still no luck .. if anyone comes across a way to do this please let me know thank you


Bump! Still looking to get my TVDE

Bump still looking

@Zabrus Hi there, after one year have you found TVDE school in English?!

@amrtalaat Hello! No I have not. But if you know a bit of Portuguese you might be able to swing it on one of the online classes :)

@Zabrus Hi There,

Did you got any luck in finding the english course ??

I am also looking to find an english course the get the TVDE licence.

Hello everyone,
Guys do anyone know about English DVDE coaching classes in lisbon.

Checking in- did anyone have any luck finding a TVDE course in English?


With a quick search I found this school near Lisbon with those TVDE courses in english. But there will be more for sure:

With a quick search I found this school near Lisbon with those TVDE courses in english. But there will be more for sure:

The issue might be whether the exam will be in English. My friends found driving schools that would teach in English, but the exam will be taken in Portuguese.

BTW, isn't this a great driver for learning enough Portuguese to pass this exam. I am sure that even an old man like me would be able to prepare well enough to pass a driving exam.

I have a question, I have a Swedish driving license for one year can I drive Uber with that in Portugal? can anyone help me with this query?


The question is not if you have a swedish driving license. Are you a Swedish citizen? If not, do you have a residence permit in Portugal ?... if you are in Portugal under a Schengen visa, you can only stay 90 days. .. … ropeu.aspx

Has anyone managed with this yet in English or Portuguese?

I'm Also looking into it now and thought I'll ask if there was any progress...

I just spoke to EcoDRive, since they advertise that classes are also in English.

The nice lady on the phone told me that they do not teach in English and that the test is in Portuguese anyway. She advised to go to the school location (at the senior roubado metro station) and talk to the instructors in person and maybe they would be able to come up with a solution.

Will update

Unfortunately, there are too many scams in driving schools with TVDE exams... this scam has been identified by everyone, in TV news reports. I just don't understand why the authorities aren't taking action... it seems that the "Portuguese" test is no longer going to be taken by driving schools and is going to be passed on to an independent organisation... we'll see...

I am still looking for driving school like you bro anyone here find solution