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         As we all know how chaotic SEF is especially these days as it transitions into the new department. Question that I have is : when a existing residence card holder changes address , he has an obligation to inform SEF of his new address within 60 day period. What would happen if one is unable to schedule an appointment within the 60 day period ?

how are people dealing with this besides calling SEF 24/7 and being told there are no appointments?

any penalties?

thank you


send an e mail to the Lisbon SEF HQ and also to your local SEF office detailing your change of address details. At the very least you have given them notice pending any appointments.


You need to document your attempts to make an appointment by phone and email.

Try contacting a local SEF centre, maybe you'll have luck. Or wait for October, to see if the new agency that will replace SEF is more user friendly for appointments phone calls .... … 45#5684348

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Local SEF offices: … spx?nID=53

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@JohnnyPT  thank you for your reply. Just found an a place I would like to move into but seems like I will have to put that aside. I really could not be bothered getting an appointment with SEF under current circumstances .

@joeygraham Thanks... great idea ! As I have already changed my address at Financas (just walked in and showed them documents and they updated it ) I downloaded my proof of new address from the Financas portal and attached it to the email to SEF. It's easy to do and this link walks you through how to do it

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Unfortunately they will not accept this to actually do the address change. You have to go into an AIM office and have the appointment - the reason is that they will issue you a new Titulo de Residencia card with the updated address, and cancel the old one. Obviously you will need to show them the proof of the address change (new lease registered with Finanças or if you bought, new ownership documents). And to get that the formalities are required in person.


I realized my above reply might need slight further clarification.

When you go in to the AIM office to do the address change, the issue of the new Titulo de Residencia Card is not immediate. What they do is confirm the address change is ok (looking at the documents), and then they initiate the issue of the New card. They then cancel the Old card by punching holes in it with a clipper and give that canceled Old card back to you, so that you have ID while you are waiting for the new card to come - the period of waiting depends on the workload being processed by that office - can be 2 weeks (small regional office) or maybe longer at larger busier offices.