SEF or AIMA Interview appointment

Hey guys,

So I have my SEF appointment URL stamped on my visa in Nov 202, and when I visited the link, I saw the appointment data which is in April 2024.

With the transition from SEF to AIMA,  I hope this should be sufficient so that I do not have to book such an appointment manually.

Yes or no? Please correct me if I am wrong.

@bloggerblogger no you don't have to book a separate appointment,  it's the same thing.  Just show up and have all their requirements ready


Hi there! i have lived in PT for a couple years now and things are a bit of a mess with the SEF-AIMA switch. Paperwork has always been a bit disorganized, but is even more so now. I would check the office that your appointment is scheduled at and see if it is a new AIMA office. Also, on the AIMA website there is a hotline you can call and the wait shouldn't be too long (unlike the previous SEF hotline). I can't guarantee that they would know the answer, but it is a good place to start.

If worse comes to worst, you could always show up at the location on the set appointment date and be ready with all your paperwork. Not ideal, but the answers aren't super clear right now even for current residents.

Hope this helps!

@bloggerblogger you should be good, recheck it a couple of times to be sure they don't change it, though.


hi do u have a number for this aima hotline, the one im calling doesnt have a human on the phone at all!!! i desperately need an appointment and  cannot  get  through  to  anyone!

i went to their office  and  they  said ”yes, its hard-keep trying”

any help would be appreciated.

thank you 


AIMA is a trap set by the previous government. The replacement of SEF was an example of what not to do. To the usual problems and delays, they added many more, with this pitiful replacement by AIMA.

If you're in Portugal, try going to a CLAIM call centre. They may be able to help you: … tes-claim-

Select city / CLAIM office:

I can endorse JohnnyPTs advice.

Going along to CLAIM is a sensible move - helpful and knowledgeable although the ultimate timescales and responses are the sole responsibility of SEF/AIMA.

Further, it may be a better use of your time and resources to simply turn up at an SEF/AIMA office without an appointment (yes, I know, sometimes not easy when security or a gatekeeper on the door!) yet this has been a valuable way to receive direct advice and direction if you are lucky enough to spend a few minutes with a helpful employee.

Thank you guys.

I successfully appeared for the appointment. It was AIMA that handled everything.

Is there any way to make a new appointment with AIMA other than calling the phone number listed on the website?

I was unable to get my employment contract for the appointment day that came on my work search visa and was unable to start the residency process.

I already have the labor contract. Any thoughts on this?