Has anyone changed the address on the residence permit card?

When you get a residence permit card, your address is printed on the card, however, when you move and you have a new address, has anyone tried to change the address on the card?

I hope someone can share success stories, thanks.

Me too have the same question  let me know too  how its done

You should contact the AIMA/SEF to have the card reissued with the new address.



Hi - you need to telephone the SEF AIMA number and make an appointment at a SEF AIMA office, to do this in person. There is no other way. You cannot do this remotely via email or the actual transaction over the phone.

You have to make the appointment, and then on the day go and see them with the new Finanças-registered rental contract, or the deed if you own the house, PLUS the utilities in your name. They will then punch a hole in your existing card to "cancel" it, but they will return it to you so you have it until the new one comes in the mail. Remember you MUST be available to physically sign for the new card at the exact physical address you have moved to. If you are not there, the postal service will return the new card to SEF AIMA. You have to do this in person because of the process of SEF AIMA needing to "cancel" the existing card in order to complete the address change; it is done like that so that you do not have 2 valid cards with 2 different addresses.

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Hi all,

i have a similar question, but i actually moved from portugal 3 months after getting the residence permit. Do i still need to update my home address with sef or any other authority?



I had a very different experience / instructions. After almost a year of calling and emailing SEF on the understanding that I would need an in-person appointment to make the change, failing to get a response and then waiting to see if contact / availability improved under AIMA (it didn't), I eventually went to the nearest AIMA office in Lisbon and queued to see somebody.

Unsurprisingly, I was unable to change the address at that point, but the lady I eventually got to talk to simply told me to email my new address and my current rental contract to geral@aima.gov.pt and hold on to my card with the old address. (Unsurprisingly, I haven't had a response though it was only two weeks ago.)

Now, this may have been the advice because I am only six months from my two-year appointment / renewal, but more likely that advice is highly inconsistent.


Thanks for sharing the info.

I'm wondering, per your conversation with AIMA, does this mean that a new card doesn't need to be issued due to the fact that the old card is still within the validity period and AIMA will mark the latest address for you in their system?

I had lost my ARI permit card last month and don't know the process of duplicating the card.I got police certificate. Is there anyone has experience?Can you share with me? Thank you so much.

Hi @Angelack0816,

There is still no information from AIMA about that, only from the recently extinct SEF:

https://arquivo.pt/wayback/202312151942 … cia/art73/

Hi @sandraawilliams153 -

That would seem to be a sensible interpretation. Given how stretched they are, the business of issuing cards every time a resident changes address would seem to be a less critical activity and an unnecessary burden.

Moreso than it being an obligation on my part to inform AIMA of the change, I was most concerned that they would send correspondence regarding my imminent renewal to the old address, but it seems that this won't happen anyway, as setting up the relevant appointment is initiated by me in any case.


Thanks for sharing your insights.

I think it's hard to get an appointment for a normal card replacement (I mean expiration of validity) nowadays because AIMA struggles to take on such a large workload, so maybe they won't be aggressive about this if it's just a change of address.

And, if you get a new card as a result of a change of address, there is also a fee to pay, which is not cheap.