Residence card address

I Just received my  residence card and see that my current residential address is listed on the back of my residence card.

  1. When I inform SEF of the change of address, will a new residence card be generated or simply the information is going to be updated internally and I can continue using my current residence card (of course subject to providing the necessary documents)
  2. I believe many people have been able to change their address online in e-balcao but when I try to enter my residence number in my historicos de pedidos, I get the message that this card is not eligible to be renewed online(Is this an error?). In such a case, if I do not get an appointment with SEF in a timely fashion as we  all know how difficult it is, what happens?- can we simply continue using our current residence card.

Thank you.

Unfortunately, as far as I know, you should contact the SEF to have the card reissued with the new address.

At SEF, you will have to fill in this form:

(Select Residence Permit - Change of information/ 2nd. sending)

It seems to me that online changes is only for automatic renewals of residence permits, which is not your case, as your card is still valid for 2 years.




@JohnnyPT What happens if one simply ignores the change of address and waits until the card expires to update the correct address at that point in time. Does anybody actually care? Who is using the address on the card for correspondence?

"Does anybody actually care " ?...

Any Portuguese citizen MUST have an updated address on his/her citizen card. If this is so for any Portuguese citizen, don't you think it should also be so for an expat with a residence permit granted by Portugal ?

Tom, doesn't the same thing happen in Germany ?...

Anyone (non EU citizen) who has a residence permit issued by Portugal allowing him/her to travel within the Schengen area MUST inform the Portuguese authorities of his/her address of residence in Portugal. This seems obvious to me, but you should contact the SEF for further information.

@JohnnyPT I was asking, because our Permanent Residence Certificate (which is actually a little plastic card) doesn't have an address printed on it. I am fully aware that when moving I have to register at my new Freguesia, but I assume that the card doesn't change at all. Can you please explain?

And about Germany: I actually wouldn't know after having left over 30 years ago. Those days one had a "Meldezettel" and maybe the ID Card had an address on it. My passport doesn't.

But you are an EU citizen, you can move within the Schengen area because you're German and Germany belongs to Schengen area. You do not have a visa issued by Portugal .... your case has nothing to do with a resident permit.

@JohnnyPT Sorry, I didn't know that our"Permanent Residence Certificate" is completely unrelated to a Residence Permit. My error. Is just sounds so similar. I am aware though that non-EU citizens are treated differently, just didn't know they have the address printed on their Residence Permit plastic card.