Car leasing?

I wonder where one goes in Portugal for leasing a car on a multi-year contract (4-5-6 years, something like that). So far I found just one site that deals with this, LeasePlan. All the others I found are car rental sites with ridiculous monthly prices.

What are my options, other than LeasePlan? I would like to be able to compare at least a couple of different offers...

Thanks for any input available.

Car Leasing

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That is the only one I have found in Portugal so far.  I would be interested in finding one as well.
Try Europcar.

They don't do long term (2-5 years leasing).  They only rent short term... at terribly inflated rates.
Check six stars rental
Thanks for the links, JohnnyPT, all very useful.

I am a bit confused, though, about the links to banks' websites for car leasing.

I have never leased a car, but I always thought that you go to a dealer for that. I am not sure how banks fit into this picture. After opening a few of the bank links I have the impression that this is more about financing than leasing the car (although all the sites use the word leasing, so I may be wrong).

Has anybody dealt with a bank for leasing a car? How does it work?...


Normally, the car dealer has a business relationship with a bank/credit institution (leasing company). It is the leasing company that buys the car from the dealer and establishes the contractual conditions with the customer. The customer pays a monthly rental to the leasing company for the duration of the contract. The customer does not need to be a customer of the bank to which the leasing institution belongs.

Ok, got it, the leasing institution is sort of an intermediary between the dealer and the customer. And it can be independent (such as LeasePlan) or belong to a bank, correct?
Banks often separate their businesses into financial companies that belong to the same finance group. This is the case of leasing or factoring, which is often kept apart from the core banking business.

CGD bank
Caixa Leasing e Factoring - Instituição Financeira de Crédito, SA

Millenium BCP bank

BPI bank ( Caixabank group)
CaixaBank Payments & Consumer

Santander bank
Santander Consumer, SA


There are cases where the foreign bank is not present in Portugal, but has a leasing company with business in Portugal:

Crédit Agricole Leasing & Factoring, S.a. - Sucursal Em Portugal

Deutsche Leasing Ibérica Efc, S.a.u., Sucursal Em Portugal