Purchase vs. shipping a car

I have a few questions

I own a VW Jetta Sportwagen in Bend Oregon.

1. Would this be a good car to drive in the Algarve region?
2. Would I be better off purchasing a new or used vehicle in Portugal, or shipping my VW?
3. If I decide to purchase, any recommendation for a good European car and dealership near Lagos?
4. Any recommendations for a US to Portugal shipper?
5. What should I consider before purchasing (e.g., taxes and other considerations)

From what i've heard it 's very expensive to change licence plates to portuguese ones if you don't do it quickly ( it can cost several thousands euros).
Our real estate agent recommanded to buy a new car in Lisboa instead ( not in algarve because it's way more expensive).
I haven't done all research yet (i'm researching on this subject too), but so far that's all i got for informations.

Thank you, patrox. Please share what you find, and I will do the same.

jkmet wrote:

Thank you, patrox. Please share what you find, and I will do the same.

Unless it is a classic, it really is not the point. The expense of shipping, import duties and paperwork. The costs do mount up.

Thank you, SimCatAT!

Hello, I understood that is you imported your car from North America, a car that you have owned longer than six months, if you shipped it with your household goods there would be no duty on the vehicle.
Is this not correct

Hi Jkmet,
This may help to answer some of your questions:

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Thank you, Johnny PT!