guys problem at immigration center

Hi All

There is been news that few people have return from airport due to heavy fines imposed on them due to usage of some internet sims,

could any one clarify these rumours and explain their similar experienses

none that i've heard of.



Could be rumours, but without ownership let me narrate to what I heard:

"A guy went to the airport to travel to his home country but he was asked to pay fines for his mobile SIM card."

After further probing I came to know that the guy had a post paid connection with unpaid bill in due. This I believe is normal and its better and the right thing to do to clear your dues before you travel.

:( oh dang! I used to get freebie internet sims from purchases of Laptops or some gadgets in Jarir...but after using the free internet GB - i did not reload, re-use, or de-activated the sims...will this be an issue? :huh:

As long as they were not registered in your name, I guess not.

My question is how to know how many sims are in your name without your knowledge can it be obtained with just a photo copy of Iqama or inperson with original iqama is must

he did started with there are some ?

so ask them what you should do about it !! :)

well my advice " Rumors " otherwise call the phone network companies and check !!


HRGuru wrote:

As long as they were not registered in your name, I guess not.

quit scaring me :sosad:
to get the freebies - we have to provide and register it with our iqama...! now, how to check this? T__T
We can our (mobile) sim cards if it's registered under our names...but how about internet sim? and to think that i have long lost those sim cards... :sosad:

it is a fake FB post

its totally wrong

With all good intentions, did not intend to scare you at all. This could be a hoax for all we know.

To check if your iqama has how many SIMS registered under just call the Customer care and you will know.