i want someone to help me.

i want to travel to Europe, but we found it difficult here to get the visa. because i don't have working permit here. but i have one year residence permit here . i want  some one to put me through.


Hi sodiq1!

Could you please tell what country you are interested in?



am interested in Switzerland,and France and Belgium. but the main thing is that i want to live in central Europe. i will be so glad if you can help me.


but mind you my brother, i can live any where in Europe.


Hello sodiq1. :)

How can we help you?
Do you have specific questions?

Meanwhile, you can check these forums : France, Switzerland & Belgium.

Thank you,


Thank you every much, am so grateful  for your response. yes i have a question. please can i get some one to invite me over there?

because here i am in Turkey the protocol of getting visa here is this, if you are not Turkish citizen you must have working permit. but i don't have working permit, for some one to get Tourist visa here.

But i only have residents permit, but is for one year.

so can i get some one to invite me over there?


which language do you speak?
does your visa allow you to travel?

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hello, friend.

     i speak fluent English, and Arabic, but talking about my visa,
     i have just Turkish visa, and visa of The republic of Georgia
     on my international passport.
      Moreover my passport is not visa free to any European country .

                         Best Regards.

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