Importing personel effects to Mauritius cost

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I have posted on this site before and its full of wonderful people willing to part with their wisdom. So I thought I try it again.

I am moving to Mauritius in a few months time. I have a few items I want to ship to Mauritius (I say ship because I hear its cheaper). I have 22 boxes in total weighting around 175kg.

Everywhere I inquire I'm getting prices over £1000 or even £7000 from one!! Does anyone know any cheaper companies they have dealt with? Or have any advice that can help me??

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Hello Harj.

Maybe you could consult our partner for a free quote : ;)

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Hi Aurélie

Thank you. I will check that out.

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I truly believe that it’s a bit dear for 175 kg , there are loads of shipping companies, please email your contents sizes and weight to them, I guess it’s based on sizes rather than weight when it comes to shipping

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