Christmas Special 'Dagelijkse Kost' (VRT)

I am working as a reporter for the Belgian cooking program 'Dagelijkse Kost' with Jeroen Meus (VRT). We're preparing a Christmas special where we would like to do a little item about people with different nationalities who live in Belgium and celebrate Christmas in different ways than we do. We're very interested in American people, because Christmas is an important holiday in the U.S. Also German people that live here and still celebrate Christmas with German traditions are of our interest. Other nationalities with special traditions can contact me too. We're looking for enthusiastic people who love to tell about their culture and its (Christmas) traditions.

The filming will take place at the candidate's home. The episode will be broadcasted December 22nd, the recording will take place December 4th, 5th or 6th. People of every age and sex are welcome to participate, as long as they celebrate Christmas with special traditions. This item will be broadcasted for 4 minutes in the television program. The estimated time to record the item is 5 hours.

Anyone who is interested can mail me: katrinkerkhofs[at]

Hope to talk to some of you soon!

I think you might want to look into people from England to as I spent my frist xmas here and i found it completely different. I think even We english make a alittle more deal that america as Americas big holiday is thanks giving

I can tell you about it but this year we are actually spending xmas in UK. However I am doing a re christmas on the 15th of dec for my partner fam before we leave. Not perfect as a lot of my xmas stuff is in UK Still but will be making a English xmas main with yorkshire puddings and pigs in blankets and all that shiz

Have you thought of appealing to the British and American curriculum schools? There is a very British tradition of children aged 3 to 6 years old doing a "nativity play" in schools, not just Christian schools in the UK, near the end of the school term close to Christmas. Our children's Belgian school has never done this, the Communion class at the parish church does as similar nativity play on Christmas Eve where we live in Stockel, but nothing compared to the scale of the nativity plays that the British schools will be doing in the next few weeks. You will find the following schools likely to be doing nativity plays : BSB and St Paul's BPS in Tervuren, BJAB and BISB in Brussels.

You should look at what Stonemanor in Everberg and the English Shop in Tervuren sell at Christmas.

There is also St Anthony's Catholic church in Kraainem which even has a donkey come to church on Christmas Eve, bit late for your filming unfortunately!

You will see another British tradition of a Christmas fair, a bit different to a marché de Noel, taking place at BSB on saturday 1st December. … as-Bazaar/

I'd go to the Scandinavian school in Waterloo and see what the Swedes do for Santa Lucia.

Hello katrinkerkhofs and welcome to!

Concerning your film, you should post an advert in the Looking for section in the Belgium classifieds. It may help get more responses. :)

Thank you,

or more response on a facebook group.

Festive recipes for Kwanzaa

Kwanzaa is a week-long celebration held in the United States and Canada honoring African Canadian and African American heritage and culture, observed from December 26 to January 1 each year

Kwanzaa symbols include a decorative mat on which other symbols are placed, corn and other crops, a candle holder with seven candles, called a kinara, a communal cup for pouring libation, gifts, a poster of the seven principles, and a black, red, and green flag. The symbols were designed to convey the seven principles

Collective Work and Responsibility
Cooperative Economics

Frequently, both Christmas trees and kinaras, the traditional candle holder symbolic of African American roots, share space in Kwanzaa-celebrating households. For people who celebrate both holidays, Kwanzaa is an opportunity to incorporate elements of their particular ethnic heritage into holiday observances and celebrations of Christmas

The first kwanzaa stamp was issued by the United States Postal Service on October 22, 1997, with artwork by Synthia Saint James In 2004, a second Kwanzaa stamp, designed by Daniel Minter was issued; this has seven figures in colorful robes symbolizing the seven principles

Many Christian African Americans who celebrate Kwanzaa do so in addition to observing Christmas.

In 2009, Maya Angelou narrated the award-winning documentary The Black Candle the first film about Kwanzaa

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