5 good reasons for living in Belgium


if someone asks you the best reasons for making the choice to live and stay in Belgium, what would be your top 5?

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5 good reasons for staying in flanders (Not Belgium as a whole also deep flanders not bradbant)

1. The people friendly
2. Its like a really comminity here always events happening
3. My bf
4. Better dentasits than in uk
5. generally the way of life

My wife and I also live in West Vlaanderen.

our five reasons (and many more):

1: Friendly people, even if you are not fluent in the Dutch language, almost everyone speaks English here.

2: The quality and price of food is so much better than the junk we bought in the US.

3: It does not matter what beer I buy here, there has not been any disappointment so far.

4: the best chocolates in the world, not to mention cheese, pastries, mussels and Belgian fries. Etc...

5: We can walk around the streets even at night without worrying about being shot by some crazy lunatic over a couple dollars.

I could add so much more but will keep limited to these five. We love Belgium!

Brabant Walloon here...lol
My reasons:
1. The people
2. The way of life
3. OMG the country is Beautiful
4. The vast extent of cultural opportunities
5. Like those above the FOOD/drink is beyond anything available or even appreciated anywhere in the US(except the VERY few exceptions to the rule).

For me :
1. Good Education
2.Clean and Green environment here in Schoten
3. Nice people
4. If you are famous in US and Canada , nobody will scream and ask for you autograph here , its like everybody is equal and you can live in a normal life
5.Good Food, Sale , you can party with friendly neighbors ... you feel at home and people are happy to help you .

should of added getting on flemish tv to lol

1. In my opinion Belgium has very good health care system;
2. Brussels is centre of the European politic, it's very international here (you can meet 27 EU nationalities + lots of people from the rest of the world;
3. Good central location, good connections by planes, trains;
4. Very good food and the quality of food. Fruits and vegs all over the year (but I don't by at supermarket);
5. Francophone culture in Brussels, people are open and I don't see that they are strict on rules and procedures;

1. food, food, food, FOOD!!!!
2. people (nice, genuine...all Belgians, both the Flemish and the Wallons)
3. health care
4. well connected to the rest of Europe (& the world, of course)
5. weather, yes weather ...lol

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