women life in ryad !! need help

I really need your help, I am very confused! my fiance will go to work in Saudi Arabia ryad, obviously he wants after a few months, once stabilized, I agree, but I personally do not know what to do! I graduated with a high school French ESC Grenble I have two master but I do not know if I'll find work there?? and if so, how are the conditions? everything I hear that woman in saudi S really has no freedom! she must wear abaya, do not go out alone, do not drive .... I fear not to bad. Can I bear to live in such a country as I am used to a very liberal lifestyle??? I need advice for foreign women who live ryad. Please help me!!

hundreds of thousands of others can do it

so can you

read the forum, your questions are answered about 100 times

Freshlikesushi wrote:

your questions are answered about 100 times

At least.

Well I am from Bangladesh and i was brought up here,to be honest women can do almost everything in here but since we cant drive,a trusted driver is required or husband and yes abaya is a must here-the only country where abaya is compulsory.
Transport with taxi is also possible but there are no public bus except school buses.
Working environment would be very pleasant since its a developing country.
Apart from these ,life sometimes becomes boring since men and women arent really free here.
I would recommend Dubai as a better alternative to Riyadh,since women can atleast drive there,no transport problem and not a religious-bias society.

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