Looking to move to Mexico between Campeche & Sabancuy. Anyone there?

Hi, I'm planning on moving to Mexico, at least part time, in the next few years after I build my house on the coast between Champoton and Sabancuy. Having a hard time finding any expats who are familiar with this area. Most posters are in Merida. I'll probably need to rent for a short time and I've had no luck finding anything online any closer than Merida or Progresso. I've tried looking at the local papers on line for Champton & Sabancuy with no luck. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :) JoLee

Welcome to the forum joleej!

Hope that you'll get a lot of new contacts.;)

Have you posted an advert in the section Housing in Mexico? It may help.


I doubt that you could find anyone aside from Mexicans that even live there let alone have knowledge of the area. It could rank with parts of Baja as one of the most isolated areas in Mexico. I believe that the only thing between those two pueblos is a hotel/condo development. Looking farther south toward Ciudad del Carmen, you could find some foreigners, however most would regret living in the heat/humidity.

I have property near Sabancuy...will be building soon. I know quite a few expats that have bought in this area - most are looking for part-time living or moving down in a few years. Yes, it is off the grid but that is what we want. Do you own property yet? FYI - I love the heat and humidity. That's what a pool and ocean are for.

Did you ever find a place to live? I'm planning on moving to the same place. Are you building yet?

No, I haven't built yet. I waiting on the $$$ but as soon as I do get it (I hope this year) I will be building. It appears that Campeche is getting to be more known and popular and there is some tourism starting in this area.

I was in PV this winter, spoke to a gentleman who did some consultation work for that big golf course and Marina development that is about 10-15 mins away from where my house will be. It has changed name and ownership and is now named Ak-Baal (I think that is the spelling). He said that the area between Campeche and Cuidad de Carmen is a great investment.

Have you built yet? What is your time frame?

Would love to talk with you more. -Jo Lee

Hello all,
I am planning to invest big in the Boqueron I and two. I have heard mostly positive. However I ran across one land owner that is really disgruntled over false promises.
Does anyone know how lenient the Semarnat will be? I would hate to invest over 1/2 million to find out all I get is a load of sand.
Please help if you can.

Can you give me a reference on Merida Realty?

I have two lots in Boqueron II. I did a load of references and visited twice before making any decisions - even at that point I knew it was a leap of faith for many reasons. At this point, I have only good things to say about Merida Realty. I have been in constant contact with my Sales Rep - John Swarbrick and Tony (the owner) gives me a call about every two months with an update. At this point the environmental study for my lot (and several others) will be complete and approved (along with several plans for building) by April. The company doing the environmental study is an American company (I have also been in contact with the owner). I plan to begin building by year's end.

Not sure how strict they will be - but judging by other areas of the Yucatan (IE: Tulum) you have to believe they will put safeguards in place but allow for flexibility in what you build. I hope!

I cant speak for the owner that is disgruntled - obviously, every person's situation is unique. But, I can tell you I went into this hoping for the best but prepared for issues and a slow process. Let me know if you have any other questions or wish to discuss.

Good morning Everyone,
Thank you for your input. The fact that the area is underdeveloped is part of what attracted me.  I have ten lots under contract. My plans are upper bracket priced homes for sale and or as a pseudo resort. I plan to keep the "resort" atmosphere to a limit so it doesn't impact single family homes negatively.   On the back lots I plan a group of stylish Cababana's for tourists.  Although I am 64 I have plenty of energy and would also like to buy a brick or two in Isle Aguada.
Next I am a pay it forward kind of guy. I would like to do something to help teach ethics and trades to misfortuned adults and to help direct their children to an education.
I trust Merida but am uncertain of Semarnats final conditions.
I hope to break ground as quickly as the Semarnat reports clear the area.

Sounds great! I hope to be your neighbor soon. I think the area has great potential. My fingers are crossed on the final report. Lets stay in touch.

Here is a coincidence. I was raised in South Euclid.

Small world - grew up in Willowick - now I'm on the West side of CLE.

Hi John

Looking for an update is all well with your project ?
Looking to take the plunge and buy in the Campeche area but would like positive feedback

Thanks Rob

hello Rob,
typing from the US.  I'm rapidly becoming an expat in a big way. are you looking to buy existing or a lot to build.

Hi Guys,

Just found the blog. Did you happen to buy the land from Mike. I have 80 meters in Boqueron 2. I am on the lot line between Boqueron 1 and Bouqeron 2. I heard the semernat permit would be finished by June. Is this what you heard. I think it is great you are building when you get the permit finalized. My wife and I want to build by next year.  John are you also in Boqueron 2?

Hello Brian,
I bought one in I and 15 in two so I'm very invested.  I'm also looking to buy existing in Isla Aquada. Stay in touch with me as I hope to buildout some apartments in Isla Aquada for me and those of us looking for transition housing.
I'll stick the shovel in the ground as fast as permitted.  Yes I heard around June.

Hi John ,
Curious did you buy 11 - 40 meter lots.


lot 67 & 6-10 & 34-43

Hello everyone!  We just stumbled upon this blog and are very excited to see a community building.  We purchased 3 lots in April 2010 in Boqueron I (119-121) and have been anxiously awaiting the commencement of building.  We heard as well that permits will be ready early summer.  Please keep sharing what you learn and we will do the same.  Have you heard about the planned infrastructure project that will link the area with the east coast via rail?  The government is committed to this investment and it is very exciting.  We can send an article if you're interested.

Hasta pronto!
David & Lesli

Hello David and Lesli,
I view myself as a more than modest investor in the Sanbacuy area. Both in B-I & II.
Rumor is still out there for the middle of summer. Once Semarnat signs off I'm good go go as well. I'll be down there for month next month meeting with architects, builders and moving in on my 4 year visa.
Let me know if there is any way I can help.
john, Indianapolis, USA

Hi John - Good luck with your trip!  How exciting.  Hope to meet you someday soon!

David & Lesli

Hi, i also bought in bouqueron !.  i hear that the Hydro poles
are going up right now.  i am thinking of going down and explore
the area a little bit more.  i only went down to take a look
at the property for the day and never had a chance to look around
and see what is available.  it is exciting to find others in the
same boat.


you mentioned you heard the hydro poles are going up. do you know how close they are to the B properties?  I saw construction working on them several miles south when i was there last.  I understand when they get to our development they are going underground. Is that what you know?
I'm going down the end of this month or next for a month for my visa and talk to construction.
When do you plan on building.

Hi ,

Could you post the article. Iwould love to read it. My wife and I purchaesed lots 1,2,3 and 4 in Boqueron 11. If your land is far enough south we might be neighbors.

Thanks Brian

hi John

thats what i heard.  i had already a picture of you that i received from my real estate person.  very nice guy.  his
name is Alberto Gosmelleanos.  it was you, Alberto and Director
of Tourism.

i would love to build soon.  will see  hope all goes well for


I purchased lot 67 in B-1, lot 5-9 & 34-43 in B-2.

The rest of my life is pretty busy.

Hello everyone I'm Eddy from Vancouver Canada and proud owner of 2 lots at Boquerón III.

Hello everyone.  This is John mavris letting you know i'll be going to Sanbacuy next week for 6 weeks.  I will be applying for my residence visa.
Also, i want you all to know i recognize the concern of nowhere to live while our homes are being built.  I will be searching for real estate to solve the problem.
l'm excited because I will probably be one of the first to build thus laying the path for good flow for everyone.
be well. and hurry on down.

Have a great trip John. I will be coming down early September....
anxious to meet you in person.....Eddy

I bought lot 70 in Boqueron 1 a year and a half ago.  I'm  interested in returning to the area to explore the sights and see how things are going on the property.  I would love it if any of you who have done that could let me know some things to do and places to stay.

Hi Patty,
I own several lots in the area. B1 and B2. One is lot 67.  I'm off to Mexico for 6 weeks this Tuesday.  when are you going, Where are you staying, how long are you staying and what are your interests..
If you are interested in giving me your other mail I will keep in touch.  By the way, I think Merida has negotiated a deal in one of the Inns in Isla Aguada.  I'm going to be dry camping for a while and then will probably move to a local hotel.

Well, I don't even know enough about the area to know what I want to see.  I was thinking of flying to Merida and then driving down to Carmen, visiting historical sites and places of interest.  I would love to see the dolphins in the lagoon and spend some time on the property.  When I bought it, Alberto took me there and around Isla Iguada and and back to Merida all in a day, so I spent very little time there. I don't even know when I'll come - will probably come with husband or friend or both.  We're retired, so we have a lot of free time.  I have even thought of driving there, but don't think I'm brave enough.
My email is [email protected]

Hi Patty: The last time I went to Ciudad del Carmen I drove around and found several small hotels not that fancy but clean and well maintain. I don't think is going to be a big issue as far as where to stay while your house is getting build. Have a great trip.....Eddy

Just had to respond to the the inquiry about Sabancuy. The resort that is being built is in the Campeche marina . It's Aak-Bal, meaning “the source of all things new". Unfortunately that is over an hour and a half from the place you plan to eventually go, not 15 minutes. I would strongly advise you to do some serious research, and rent for awhile to see if you like where you are. It is a definite cultural shift, and you will like it or perhaps you will not.

What happened to the Campeche Playa Golf Marina and Spa Resort that's about 20 km south of Champoton?

Is that the one that was started by a group that got financing and bailed on the project. I don't remember the name of the group but they had done the same thing elsewhere. I got my information from someone I know who does property management. The group currently involved is a well known solid contractor. As you know not everything that glistens is gold.

I was so excited to see this post!  I too have several lots that were purchased from Mike and are awaiting Semarnat to begin building.  Does anyone have any further updates since the last post?  Thanks

Hi....my name is Eddy from Vancouver Canada....I do have 2 lots at Boquerón-3 and so far no news from Semarnat.....I'm planning to travel to Mexico soon and check what is going on........take care.....

Thanks Eddy!  We have plans to travel down there soon too.  Please send me a personal message would love to chat with you!