WANTED....Apartment in Mexico city for my vacation in Sept.

I'm visiting Mexico city in September for 11 nights and require an apartment to rent.

The maximum I am willing to spend is about $750 / 9-10,000MXN
This is because I can get a 2 bedroom suite in a hotel for this price so spending more seems pointless.

I have friends just outside of Mexico city that will hopefully come and visit me which is why I require more than 1 bedroom.
I would also like Wifi and hopefully air conditioning, although this seems unlikely.

I am a non smoker and don't drink unless I manage to get lucky in the local bar so the option to bring a guest back (no crack whores please!) would be appreciated.

No scam artists that think I'm going to send them a large sum of money and then run off with it, I have friends there so if neccessary I will get them to deal with it.

Thanks, I look forward to your offers and replies!

Have a good day and see you on the 15th/16th Sept during your celebrations! :P

Hello im a mexican Architect. Well the point I want to talk to yo is about getting a job right in England.

I have  certain command of English. Im interested in a position as a site inspector or something lik that.

Can you help me?

Anyway, thanks for reading.

On the other hand I may comment you about your plan to visit mexico city. The amount yo consider t spend for 11 nights is good. But getting a flat just for that days could be hard to find one.

But looking for very hard maybe you can get that one.

If you consider, I can try out to see if there a flat those days.



I would get a hotel it will be a lot less hassle especially for only 11 days. Hotels are easier to switch if your not satisfied. Also, with a hotel you have a better idea of what your getting. Usually, better locations as well.