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Mexico City
Updated 2022-07-31 14:49

Mexico City is not just any place. As one of the biggest cities in the world, it has a strong and diverse economy to back it up. If you can think of a major company, chances are that they have a branch in this city, and both foreigners and locals have gained a lot of employment as a direct result.

What are the benefits of working in Mexico City?

Working abroad can bring countless benefits on a personal level, but the most immediate benefit is getting out of your comfort zone. This action will bring you nothing but options and new opportunities in a country where you were not born or resided in your life.

Indeed, different ideals and values will nurture your point of view, even more so if this country of destination has a culture that carries characteristics that your country of origin is not accustomed to. And Mexico City definitely is a great experience as you will see many different cultures all mixed up in a big melting pot.

Gain autonomy and independence as an expat in Mexico City

Very often, people who move abroad do so with the help of relatives or close friends who financially support their new establishment process in another place. But this does not mean that moving to Mexico City on your own is impossible. Getting a job offer and traveling accompanied can be an excellent opportunity to acquire knowledge and help yourself along the way. There will often be moments that teach you how to overcome obstacles and execute decisions on your own, providing invaluable personal skills. And as people say: "If you can make it in a huge city like Mexico City, you can make it anywhere".

The challenge and opportunity of working in Mexico City

One of the biggest daily challenges for the immigrant is learning the language of the country to which he travels. As much as you have a language as commonly spoken as English, it is not impossible to live in Mexico City without learning Spanish. Still, if you plan to collaborate with local people, you should make an effort to learn the language.

Knowing the basic rules before moving can be of great help to have a learning base. Later, you should look for an academy or a teacher to perfect your Spanish. Although it can be a challenging path, take it more as a cultural experience than an obstacle.

Understanding the labor standards of Mexico City

Each country has its own labor regulations. That is why we recommend studying the essential points of labor rights, as well as the minimum wage, contracts, permits, employee obligations, vacations, and the rights of foreign citizens. And Mexico City is no exception. In the beginning, it can be quite overwhelming, so don't be shy and reach out to others for help and some guidance. 


Job hunting in Mexico City

The areas where jobs are most plentiful in Mexico City are education(of all levels), customer service, engineering, and technical fields. If you have any certifications as a language teacher, this could come in handy. Working at a private English school can bring you around 2500 USD. Should you be a researcher or university professor, you can find great positions and get paid somewhere between 2500 and 3000 USD, maybe even more. 

It is good to start your job search in Mexico City well in advance, although you must be aware that Mexican companies are exceptionally uncommon to hire by email. The internet is a good resource for finding job opportunities in Mexico City, but you will need to visit in person to get hired.

The job market in Mexico City can get pretty competitive as most people get their job by knowing someone already involved with the business. There's a lot of "foot in the door" culture. Good places to start are checking out classified ads in newspapers, inquiring at your consulate or embassy, and signing up with a recruitment agency.

Although there is not one job search website that most people in this city refer to for expats, many global job websites can help you. For instance, is a resource-based in the UK, but it's an excellent way to go if you're searching for specialized employment. is another that's also gaining steam.

Those interested in teaching should look through, where many possibilities are listed.

Also, famous websites like LinkedIn or Indeed and OCC are very common places to look for jobs in Mexico City. 


How to connect with foreigners who are already working in Mexico City?

Find out about job opportunities in Mexico City using word of mouth. Connecting with foreign people already working legally in the country is like finding first-hand advice. These tips are essential because they give you detailed information about the areas of most significant demand, the simplicity of the work, or the opportunity to obtain another relevant recommendation. You can join Facebook groups for foreigners in Mexico City to get in touch with some people or start taking Spanish lessons, and you'll surely find like-minded people at the institute. 

Work opportunities in the universities of Mexico City

If you are currently a student in Mexico City or you have a university career, you may be able to find a job opportunity at your university. It is common knowledge that universities have a section of local and international job offers. Research the universities in Mexico City and have a look at their jobs section.

Cultural exchange and volunteering jobs in Mexico City

Starting a volunteering career is a great decision to find work abroad, mainly because they allow you to save on time, food, and accommodation. Besides, volunteering experience is an asset for job hunters in Mexico City.

The advice of locals or local newspapers can help and open doors to such opportunities. You might as well walk into hostels or bars to enquire about volunteering jobs.

Check out job ads around Mexico City

This is one of the most traditional ways to get a job and establish yourself in Mexico City. Try visiting universities, hostels, bars, or coffee shops. These businesses are some points where you can find these types of ads on billboards etc., and take advantage of them. Most of them will be in Spanish, though!

Word of mouth in Mexico City

This method is beyond comparison, the most traditional way of finding a job in Mexico City of all those mentioned earlier.

Most commonly, submit your CV to the person in charge of the company you are interested in. 

Some big companies and brands don't accept this search method, but it works well for some businesses like hostels and restaurants.

Register with employment agencies Mexico City

These agencies can help you in your job search once you have registered. Primarily, they work with agreements or take care of finding human resources for different companies.

In Mexico City, you can find a wide range of employment agencies that can be general or specialized for a type of work that requires a specific profession.

In general, you will find employment agencies' job portals and social media pages helpful. They are usually very visible with a number of offers. Most people use LinkedIn or even Facebook groups to find job offers online. Another option is websites like Indeed or OCC. However, if you are looking for a job in Mexico City via Facebook, be aware of scammers! 

Undoubtedly, Facebook groups have become a handy tool in searching for work online. In addition, you can access these from abroad and have a notion of the aspects of interest of employers.

These search results are very diverse, but you can find reasonable and not-so-good offers. You just have to know how to analyze them by looking at their publication details.

How to find the perfect company for your work ideals in Mexico City?

In short, finding the ideal position in Mexico City may require an extensive search. Very often, people tend to focus on pay, career growth, and their own experience and skills.

Consequently, focusing on these characteristics tends to divert their attention from other valuable points to consider, such as the company culture and the organization of work.

Investigating if the organization's values are the same or similar to yours is highly recommended. Otherwise, a job seen as a great opportunity can be the opposite, and this can make life even harder if you're not in your home country but in Mexico City.

Good company culture can enormously benefit your growth as well as that of the organization. The culture of a company is the ideals and values of the work team, and these are manifested in the social sphere. If they are not aligned with yours, it could lead to problems or dissatisfaction with your position. Working in Mexico City can be quite a change also in terms of company cultures, especially if people from various nationalities are being brought together.

You can get to know the company's culture by researching its website, from the logo and its colors to its behavior on social networks.

Observe your environment at the time of the interview. What is the place like? What do the workspace and staff communicate to you? The work team may have good values and ideals if the feeling is good.

Analyze the dress code, which usually says much about the organization. A formal suit will not be a goal-aligned value if you want to collaborate in a creative environment. Mexicans tend to dress pretty formally unless it's a young team and recently opened company. 

How to prepare for your job interview in Mexico City?

Like in most countries and cities, interviews are a big deal in Mexico City. You will probably want to dress to impress. With how you present yourself and your experience, you want to draw connections and paint a picture that the interviewer can dig into and relate to. If this person can get a real sense of where you're coming from as an individual, it will go a long way to helping you make your case for what your merits are.

An excellent way to look at it is that you're trying to show that you are a good fit for a work family and that, as such, people can rely on you to make your own decisions and take on a number of responsibilities wherein you will keep track of the big picture and do what's best for everyone. In this manner, negation at the interview stage is acceptable and expected.

How to apply for a job in Mexico City?

An ideal candidate in Mexico City requires the following:

  • a clear, detailed CV written in Spanish, unless the company where you have applied for a job is a foreign or international company
  • a personalized cover letter where you express your interest in the company
  • original documents such as birth certificates and relevant documents such as degrees and transcripts from institutions of higher learning. 

Apostilles(official certifications) should be acquired ahead of time while you're still in your home country.

How to obtain a work permit in Mexico?

As an expat in Mexico City, you must obtain the necessary permissions once you are hired. First, your employer must do all the paperwork at the National Institute of Migration (INM). The required documents include the proof of registration of the employer at INM, the official ID of the company's legal representative, the foreigner's passport, and the letter with the job offer. When the application is accepted, the foreigner needs to go to their local Mexican consulate to complete the processing.

Setting up a business in Mexico City

If you are capable and have an entrepreneurial spirit, seeking employment may not be your priority. It may be better to analyze the chances of setting up your own business in Mexico City. Some of the most popular options are bars, tourist agencies, hotels, shops, rentals, communications, institutes, yoga, etc.

It is advised to consult with a lawyer before deciding on anything. In Mexico City, you will encounter different problems when opening a business. This starts with choosing the right type of company. It might be somewhat similar to what your country offers, but the requirements will likely be quite new to you. 

Good to know: 

In Mexico City and the entire country, all businesses have to pay a flat-rate tax of 30% annually between July 1st and 25th for the former business year. The most important taxes you should know as an entrepreneur are ISS (Impuesto de Sociedades) and the IVA (Impuesto sobre el valor añadido). 

Also, you can open your business without the help of anyone. So you do not have to team up with a Mexican citizen in order to start a business. You might also want to create an online business, depending on your activity.

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