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Mexico City
Updated 2022-07-31 13:50

As you might think, Mexico City is home to a number of firms, and office positions require a variety of foreign talents to keep them operating properly. These are the most common, and you'll witness throngs of formally attired folks on their way to work every day.

Some of the most notable roles available in Mexico City are in banking, marketing, and insurance, with offices located across the city, including Insurgentes and Reforma Avenues, Polanco, and downtown.

This makes perfect sense given the amount of manufacturing going on. In recent years, there has been a movement from simple to complicated manufacturing, whether it be vehicles, electronics, high-end clothing, or anything else. 

For expats in Mexico City, there is a wide range of opportunities available, starting from a top position in an international bank or a manager position in a renowned company like VW. Also, experts in the tourism industry and marketing wizards might have really good chances of getting a great position. One of the best ways to get started as an expat is as a teacher; this might be the most promising way to enter the labor market in Mexico City.

Businesses in Mexico City

When you're here, you'll notice, especially if you chat with foreigners, that there are several options to start a business in Mexico. Selling Mexican arts and crafts, fashion, and other sorts of design are some examples, as are food services such as agricultural production of organic products for exports.

Unemployment and wages in Mexico City

Mexico City has a comparatively low unemployment rate of roughly 3.0 percent as of March 2022, representing 1.9 million individuals. As an expat working in Mexico City, you might expect to earn more money than most locals. Monthly pay for top-level roles such as directors and corporate managers ranges from 1,500 to 3,000 Euros. They can earn up to 6,000 Euros each month in leadership roles. Professors and researchers at universities might earn between 2000 and 3000 Euros per month.

What are the requirements for working in Mexico City?

Customer service is an important aspect of many jobs in Mexico City. You may live pretty nicely if you learn many languages. To that end, if you want to teach a foreign language, you may do it easily. After all, many people relocate to the capital in order to start or develop their enterprises. As a result, there is a high need for lecturers who can teach business people how to interact with other professionals on a global scale.

Degree-holding persons are in great demand in educational institutions, and there are more multilingual individuals than you may imagine. It's mostly due to the abundance of English learning facilities and tutoring services offered around the city. More specialized roles, such as these, are the most readily available and, as a result, easier to get than others. 

As a result, in an interview, you should explain as many abilities as possible to demonstrate that you have experience and a do-it-yourself mentality. Being able to take leadership is extremely valued in Mexico City. Like in any other part of the country, you need a work permit - in Mexico City, it is not uncommon that it will be provided by the company you're going to work for, especially if you're at the management level.

A competitive labor market

Because most people in Mexico City find a job through a connection with someone already active in the firm, the local job market may become rather competitive. There is a lot of "foot in the door" culture, but maintaining a professional and controlled demeanor is the greatest way to progress. To fully grasp this, one must first notice the presence of a stratification complex. So how individuals perceive their parents as employers has ramifications for corporate culture in general. There is a lot of verticality and cordiality observed in this method.

How to find a job in Mexico City?

In Mexico City, there are two options for getting a job: looking online or approaching the employer in person. The first technique consists of three ways, and you may find work using different search engines.

Online search engines

  • Metasearch tools

An online job engine is a network for searching for work opportunities, as well as a method for obtaining data from the most popular search engines and storing a huge list of job proposals on the same site.

  • General and specialized job portals

They are platforms where firms post the offers directly in the selection panel, and this choice has more to do with the database since the employees and companies registered on the page are the ones who have registered.

Specialized job boards solely offer job vacancies for a specific sector or age group. They will provide you with the connectivity to progress with your application independently of your industry or whether you operate online or in person.

Go to the company in person

That way, you can personalize your presentation at a company.

This second method may be preferable in some areas because it is unusual for firms in Mexico to respond to unsolicited emails.

How to prepare for a job interview in Mexico City?

Write your CV in Spanish, print it, and store it in a file folder before visiting a company in Mexico City. Mexican CVs include more details than the average CV in the United States, such as the applicant's birth date, family status, and a picture.

Dress professionally for an interview process, even if you are only visiting the firm for information. During the procedure, there could be more than just one interview.

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