Hi...wanna be friend?

who's interested? Welcome :)

i am interested in making friend all over the world, you are welcome.
Best regards.

hi there. :).

Hi there! Do you want to be friends?

hi Leila :)

hi there :D

n later people will vanish likn nthn.


Barcelense wrote:


go to google and type "trolling". That's exactly what he does.


btw how's Lisbon?

on fire ! :D lol  ( just north of Portugal, but we catch some smoke )

cOme to Minsk! You will feel both the snow and fire. Lol its cold in here but m hating it.

ohh, thanks, but I've already have refrigerator here. Enjoy the cold  it's preserves you young and fresh :)

oh well, m nt a person who falls in love with the winter. :(
thanx anYwaYs


Let's be friends! I'm living in Coimbra.

friends will be friends :)

Hi there, i am living in Portugal. I am interest to get new friend in this area.

Hi there, I am interested.

Hello :)

Will be in Lisbon at the week end for 6 months anyone interested in socialising?

Get in touch!

Take are xx

Hi :) I am here :)

gouravgyl wrote:

Hi :) I am here :)

You have posted on a thread that is 18 months old so you would probably not get a reply.
You can post a new topic yourself.

Were are you ???

Hello kevk,

To whom are you addressing yourself?

Note that this discussion is not active since a long time.

Thank you

I wanna be friend with some one, who can speak Portuguese, as well as English. That will be great way to know Portuguese language and culture.... 😊💓  I am here in Algarve......