Anyone intrested in moving from Portugal to Norway ?

Anyone intrested in moving from Portugal to Norway ?
If you plan of going  Norway from Portugal speak up !


You can post an ad in the Portugal classifieds > community section - Travel partners or post your message on the Norway forum as well.

Are you planning to go to Norway?

Hope you get replies very soon.

All the best,

Hello, I am really planning to move to Norway by Summer. If Any useful info, plz do contact me.



i go to portugal the 13 april,i live in oslo norway,i m from argentina,i can help you in norway to find accomodacion and work,but i need help the 13 th april,i need to to rent a small truck and send it to lisboa city from lourdes court and i m looking for storage to rent to leave the merchansiser,any body can help me? contact me by email [email protected],please is very important,thank

ya i am thinking but i am still not sure 100% becouse language problem so that is difficult to find work there ?
why you going to norway you knw the language ? you gona work there?