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My Name is Sunny, me and my wife are looking to apply for D7 Visa, We are in our late 30's, We want to live on retirement visa, We are from New Delhi, India. We are looking for friends in Portugal. We have not decided yet, where we should live, etc. Would love to have some friends for gossip, help (paper work, area to live, banks to apply etc )for applying to Portugal.

Looking forward to hear from you.



Hello sunnynarang,

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Thank you for sharing your plans with us.

Feel free to use the Portugal classifieds section to post an advert. There is a category for friendship.

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Hi Sunny, we've made the move this summer from the Netherlands so i can probably pass on some tips, even though we don't require D7 visas as we are European citizens.


Thank you so much, Sounds great.



Thank you so much for the reply and your kind consideration for helping us, Looking forward to it. Sending you friend request.

Much Regards


Hi Sunny, Welcome.

Please read this:

How to build a social circle from scratch in Portugal

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@Jk1976 Hi there! Can you help me with some info regarding the boat transportation company from Netherland to Portugal? I like to buy this year a boat in N. and transport them to Lisbon. will be nice to get feedback from you. Thanks, Chris

I am retiring in my late 40's. Don't know yet in what country.

In your case, why did you decide for Portugal.

Did you consider a few other countries.

Hello, we are a Canadian couple in our 50s who retired and moved to the Dominican Republic about a year ago.  We have met many friends here but we are not sure this country is for us. Wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences and then moved to Portugal?  Also wondering about "real" monthly cost of living for a couple....definitely southern Portugal.  Rent etc. For a 2 bedroom with 3 little dogs.

Also, for anyone who knows about D7 visas, would we have to return to Canada to start the process there or can we do it from the Dominican where we live now? 

Thank you in advance for your time.

Michelle & Bill

Hi Michelle & Bill, Welcome.

You'll need to apply for your D7 Visa in your home country.

Note that there is also no diplomatic representation of Portugal in the Dominican Republic... … dominicana

Cost of Living Faro (Algarve), you can change the city and compare 2 cities

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@JohnnyPT thank you so much.  It makes it a lot more complicated, especially moving with 3 dogs l, but it is what it is 😉. Can't be any worse than how complicated it was to get our residency here.

Appreciate the info links as well


@Michelle, you can try this contact, but I think they will tell you that issues related to the Dominican Republic are treated by the Portuguese Embassy in Mexico City...


Andrés Julio Aybar Nº 49, suite 102, Piatini, Santo Domingo

Dominican Republic


+(1 849) 869 2082


[email protected]

Office: Embassy of Portugal in Mexico City

@chrisschubert21 hi Chris, yes, I used De Haan Logistics, which have a regular departure to Portugal so no long lead times.


Hi matjung,

I Love the climate, nature, friendly people, beautiful beaches, I strongly feel this is the place where I would like to retire. That being said I am still unable to find a single Portugal friend or family here.


Hi Would you like to be friends? We are sailing in the same boat as you guys, Please let me know if you are interested, I can share my telegram.




Have you landed in portugal yet.i will be flying on 15 October on a work visa.

@Jk1976  which areas are the best to live in lisbon which are both cost efficient and near transport

@sunnynarang hello Sunny.  I am sorry that I didn't see this a long time ago.  We won't be moving to Portugal until Sept 2024.  We are still in the Dominican Republic.  Took me almost a year to convince my husband to move again.  What area in Portugal are you looking to live?