Pakistanis in Portugal

Updated 2010-04-08 14:58

Like every other country in the world there are Pakistanis living in Portugal as well. In the past the Pakistanis who came to Portugal were mostly illegal imigrants, but nowadays students are coming to the prestigues universities mostly for research and development activities. Unlike other countries e.g. UK, Germany, France or Nordic Countries, here the medium of instruction for first cycle and second cycle degree is Portuguese. This is one of the major reasons students from countries like Pakistan do not come here for first and second cycle degrees.

Because, of the peaceful and non-racist behaviour of the Portuguese people it is very easy to adjust here for any foreigner especially for the citizens of the third world countries like Pakistan. There is an Asian touch here in the people for example, the family system stil exists and there are no old houses. The poeple are very helpful and cooperative.

There are mosques in the major cities like Lisbon and Porto where the Muslim community can perform their religious obligations. The mosque in Lisbon is the central mosque and more than 600 people gather on Fridays. There are two mosques in Porto one near Sao Bento Train Staion and the other just in front of Heroismo metro station. Muslims are completely free to perform their religious duties.

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