I would like to move to Lebanon

Hello everyone :)

I am a Swiss lady, 41,  and would like to study arabic several months in order to work in Beirut.
I will be in this country for 1 week (my 3rd time in Lebanon) for arabic lessons next September and for 1 week, at Saifi institute and in the near future I want to study for several months and then I would like to work there.

But I need information about administrative procedure,  having a work permit etc... If you could give me help for this point.

Do you know if it is easy to find a job in tourism or to work in a hotel ? I have been working as a travel agent for more than 20 years in Switzerland, but should it be possible to change and work in a hotel like receptionist ? Because in my country we always need a new training everytime we want to change job, like the example from tourism to hotel. What can I expect for the salary ?

I enjoy hearing from you soon.:)

Hi Sissy.

Big project of new life :) . Regarding the jog you need to check if you're not looking for job which are only available for lebanese people. Some job are not accessible for foreign worker. Then to get the work permit / visa you need some paper as a contract approved by some authorities, bllod test and so on. I don't know all the details. It's perhaps better to hve a look with the Lebanese embassy in your country

Hello Sissi71.

Do not heistate to post an advert in the Jobs in Beirut section. It can be useful. :)

Thank you,