Personal Assistant Job Offer in Beirut

I'm looking for a part-time personal assistant in Beirut. The position's for a female who speaks English and is available 3/4 times a week. Salary & hours will be discussed. If anyone is interested please email me at:


could you please post in the Beirut classifieds? Thanks, and Happy New Year :)


My name is Shana and I live in the Hamra. I am from Bristol, Tennessee and have a BA in English and Speech from East Tennessee State University.

I am very interested in this position, if it is still availible. I am very good at verbal and written communication is English, but my Arabic is of hotel variety. I am learning, but it is a slow process!

Please just email me on this site or at if the position is still availible.

Thank you!

shana holler back at me sometime. I am from Memphis. I sent you a friend request on facebook. Welcome !

Hi and welcome to Shana! :)

You can also have a look at the jobs section of our Beirut classifieds ;) and eventually post an advert.

Welcome soundmethod! Are you new in Beirut?


I am in transit. I visted Beirut several times recently and I love it. I will be there permanently 20 March. Save some sunshine for me.