Are there any jobs in Beirut for non-arabic-speakers?

Hi there!
I just moved here to Beirut to live with my boyfriend and enjoy the live here in this incredible city.
But now I am looking for a job. Do you have any ideas or connections how I could get a job? I don't speak Arabic, but of course :D German and English.
In Germany I worked as a teacher, but I would love to do something different...
Looking forward to hear from you!:)

Hi and welcome on board Sonja!

Maybe yuo could tell more about your past experiences so that other members can help you accordingly!


i'm also searching for the job but unfortunately, i dont know arabic..i'm in the process of learning it, but it will take time..does anyone can give an advice according my problem?


Sonja B you have the German school maybe you can apply for a job there.

Good luck- perhaps through your embassy or with an NGO?  Challenge is, very few businesses are willing to sponsor a foreigner for a job as the perception is by employing a foreigner, a job is taken away from a Lebanese.  Volunteering may lead somewhere to a job as well.  As a teacher, you may have better luck through an international school, for example, than other businesses.

Hi everyone!

I'm from Philippines currently living in Lebanon with my Syrian husband. I only know a very few arabic words. I wonder if there is any possibility of getting a job here. I used to work in a call center and a bank back in the Philippines and a receptionist in a bowling center in UAE.
Looking forward to a response from anyone out there. =)