Teaching English in Beirut

I would like to tap on your knowledge and experience regarding teaching English in Beirut. What prospects are there in Beirut for TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certified teachers?
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Are you asking about teaching it for kids or for adults?

Thanks for your reply.
I am more inclined to teach young people and adults. I am a youth worker, working mostly with 15 years+. I also have experience with adults...like staff development for teachers, prison inmates, NGO administrators, etc.
This October I will start reading for a Diploma in Teaching Adults.
Should you wish to learn more about me, please visit my website www.charloseychell.eu.
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well I don't know much about teaching it for kids (schools and so..) I was a french educated student. However, I have been taking  English courses in the International House-Beirut lately, they have kids there but mostly adults. Check there website they hire teachers every now and then

And there is a website where they post jobs in NGO's organisations and I reckon I read some posts about English teachers vacancies: http://daleel-madani.org/jobs
P.S: you have to check this website daily since they post new things every day.

Thanks for your reply and for the two links. I am sure I will find them handy.
How easy would it be for a foreigner to secure a job in Beirut? Is the procedure to get a work permit a lengthy one?
I am fluent in English, studied French at school between the ages of 11 and 14, and attended two courses in Arabic last year and the year before. However, my level in both languages is very basic. Are Arabic and French compulsory, or would English be sufficient? Of course, I want to learn Arabic. But I am not that inclined to learn French. However, if that would be a must, then I would go for it too.

Well if you want to teach English, the English is all you need, other languages are extra.

and I am not sure about the legal things concerning getting a job, but I believe that it depends on the place you are going to work in. I think in the International house it is the center itself that takes care of these things for the foreigner teachers.

If i got to know any further details I'll let you know.

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Good morning Nahia,
Thanks for your prompt reply and for your help. I am really grateful for taking the time to answer to my queries.
And yes please, if you have any more details to share with me, I'd be very thankful.
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I am so excited. Yesterday I bought my flight tickets for my first - and for sure not the last - trip to Beirut. I have also booked a hotel in Hamra.
Beirut I am coming!!! :D