Working in Beirut

Dear all,
I'm Angela, I'm from Italy and I'm desperately seeking a job in Beirut or surroundings, since my boyfriend lives there, while I'm still in Italy.
My first idea was to profit from my previous studies (I got a degree in agriculture) so I've sent my CV to many NGOs which deal with agricultural projects in Lebanon, but I didn't receive any positive answer, so far.
So, I need your help!
Does anyone need an Italian mother-tongue teacher?
Or even if you know about a project related to agriculture, or women rights, or whatever...
Please, please, please, let me know!
I've been twice in Lebanon and I just love this country!!!
Thanks a lot :)


Hi angela
:) did u check with universities ? :D

sometime if  ur lucky ,you may get a job there :D ,u said u have a adegree,and ur italian :) so u may get a job as an italian-teacher there
hope this help :)

Thanks a lot Husseink, actually I was going to check the Universities to find something interesting... because I visited some websites but they often require Arab as mother tongue, so I couldn't apply for many interesting offers I'd found...
Thanks again for your suggestion and cross the finger for me! W ya3tik l 2afieh :D

I would recomend you the Cafe Najar they are always looking for people just call there and ask for Mr Adel the director sure he will find something for you good luck!

Thanks a lot, I'll contact them to see if they can help.

Hi Angela if you would be speaking German I would have offered you a job pay $ 4500 a month , but need a secratery that speaks fluent German and I can relay on her 100%


Please post your advert in Beirut classifieds> jobs section!


good luck

ohh, have the same problem..sent my CV to many companies on the, but no reply((

i'm from ukraine, so maybe anyone is looking for a russian or ukrainian teacher?

hello my name is raluca iova and i hold a master degree in finance and banking.i am lookig for a job in beirut,i apply on and other sites but no positive answer yet.i can speak english and spanish at advance level and german and french at conversation level.can someone help me? Thank you

Hi raluca iova,

Welcome to

I would suggest you to post an advert in the Beirut classifieds > job section. It might help you.

I wish you good luck in your search.

Dear all,
I have the same problem, I m from Spain but my boyfriend is from Beirut and he lives there for more than 6 month. I m planning to move to Beirut but i didn t find a job. I m looking for something related to my career.In advertising or marketing. I have experience for more than five years in Doha as marketing. Also I m looking for something related in events or fashion. I m an old model so I love all this world and i know a lot of designers to introduce new business in Beirut.
Please if you know anything interest for me let me know.

Thank you very much

add thoma_e88 in skype, he was going to open a fashion shop soon. maybe he can help you! best luck!