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Dear all
I'm Giuseppe, I'm from Italy and I'm desperately seeking a job in Beirut. I was in Beirut in January and I really loved the city. I'd like to leave Italy to come in Beirut,  but I think its not easy to find a work there without an important degree or without experience. I'm 24, I speak English and French well, but I don't have a degree and I have only two years of experience of work.

Do you think it's easy to find a work there with my experience? I hope you can give me good answers.

Thanks a lot


Hi Giuseppe,

Welcome to!

You could post an advert in the jobs in Beirut section as well.

Best of luck,

Hello friend,
I think is pretty easy to find an "average" job in a bar, and stuff like that.
I just finished college and I already found a job in this city as a spanish teacher, even tough Im a scientist!  when would you plan of moving to beirut?

Hi Giuseppe, i'm Lebanese and Seriously!!! why do you want to come here? most Lebanese want to leave Lebanon, it is a beautiful country but living here is expensive, and just for the info most Lebanese know English and French, and we are very educated. You might find a job in a bar but you won't get paid a lot here.
If you love it here save some money and do a lot of research before you move.
Good Luck!!