Filipina with Lebanese passport seeking job (Certified Nursing aide)


I have been living in Lebanon for more than 7years and still searching for possible job in hospitals or home care as certified nursing assistant. My main concern is the language barrier, I know basic arabic words but writing is so difficult, I am fluent English speaking. I am residing in Tripoli Lebanon unfortunately, I couldn't get job hope someone can refer me or advise what to do.


You just need to socialize to as many people as you can, to get a job in lebanon is all about who you know or who knows you.

true…. I agree with you qstar! really difficult to find job tho….


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Interested! Can i have ur contact details pls?

So you live in Lebanon. Soon I will be coming to Lebanon. We may meet. You could send me your Lebanese number so do I, like this we can communicate better. Ok?

Hello. I am looking for a nanny. I live in beirut. I’m divorced and it’s only me and my daughter. We have three cats and a dog all very friendly. Salary would be between 400-450. Negotiable too. You will have your own bedroom and it’s a proper room not the usual ones you find in beirut and your own toilet. Sunday’s are off.
Please let me know if you’re interested.


Can you please tell me what salary you expect for a house holding work  for a my parents living in tripoly
Thank you

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