Best mode of calling India other than skype

Hello everyone,

i was wondering if anyone could help me with a good mode of calling India that is not too heavy on the pocket apart from skype.

Currently i am using a normal STC sim which costs me around 1.75 SR/min. Any other specific sim that offers a cheaper tariff?


Check this out bro

I'm no expert but isn't it true that an Indian sim on roaming is a far cheaper way of calling India? I thought that was the case in Dubai at least.

Not really gashead.

I have a vodafone sim and calling to India from that sim will cost me INR 120/min..So that really isn't a great option.


Was checking out Siprotel. Do we need a specific sim/phone for this service?

Try Using VOIP, there are many softwares avaibale on the web ! And camparatively its far far cheaper....

Hi Hassi77,

I basically want to use it on my mobile so would you have any idea about it. Also how do i get the software and what is the cost involved?


@ asethi - You can download it on your mobile from the respective website.

Btw Is that your bowling action, In the profile Pic ??;)

@ saimans

Thank  you much  for the information..

The image in m profile is actually a pic from the movie Rocky Balboa...

@ Hassi77

Currently i have a blackberry so i don't think it will work on this..will have to buy a new phone.

will siprotel work on Iphone or samsung galaxy?

If u have android phone install Jumblo and charge it and get connected everywhere

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