Video calling abroad

Hi All,

How does everyone communicate with your relatives/Friends back home, Viber, Skype, Whatapp etc.. does not allow you to video call/voice call?

I've heard of IMO, does this work in Saudi? I am trying to communicate back to the UK.

Thanks in advance :)

I use LINE is the best for making video calls to overseas and share pictures and videos with your friends or family,   I prefer the quality in the calls and the speed to share photos this app is very popular in Japan


Yes IMO works very well from Saudi to UK.

Good amount of them use a VPN

Google Duo is great. No need for VPN. Second best option is IMO then Skype.


Any of the programs would work well if you install a VPN app on your phone. The quality of the call would depend on your network reception.

That being said, the VPN app I use is called Hexatech, it's a good app that does the job.

I personally prefer whatsapp over the other apps because it has the best call quality, followed by FAcebook messenger, with the VPN on of course.

You can also use google hangout from your laptop without having to connect through VPN, which is more convenient.

If you need any help in that regard or any other, please do not hesitate to drop me a private message here


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